Upcycled Fabrics

Having a strong passion for sustainability, we offer a range of clothing brands that make fashionable pieces from upcycled fabrics. We aim to cater to the ethically conscious woman, who also wants to dress elegantly.

What is a product made with upcycled fabrics?

To upcycle something means to make something new out of old used materials. You add value and quality into a new product when you upcycle. Clothing brands that use upcycled fabrics, make new pieces with discarded fabrics. 

How are our products made with upcycled fabrics?

We offer clothing pieces from brands that repurpose used fabrics.

Most of our items made from upcycled fabrics have these qualities:

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Clothing lines that upcycle fabrics make their clothes in a way that prevents environmental waste, which there is already too much of. Items thrown away often end up in landfills or burned. Because of this, buying products made from recycled materials also reduces air and water pollution. Also, because the materials you need to make the product are already in place, brands use less energy to make their recycled items.


When you upcycle fabrics, you give new life to old discarded clothing. This results in a high-quality piece that looks and feels brand-new.


A lot of creativity goes into upcyling clothing. Brands that use upcycled fabrics, make clothes that are one-of-a-kind. No two are the same. 

Made by brands that limit their waste.

Clothing brands that upccycle don’t throw away any leftover fabrics after creating their product. Instead, all of the left-overs are re-used for new designs.


The clothing items are made from recycled fabrics such as organic cotton. These fabrics are free from chemicals. Fabrics like cotton also makes clothing comfortable and breathable.