Time To Get Out Of Your Funk

Sometimes my mind gets a little crazy and I get into funky moods. When that happens, I am so grateful that I know how to navigate them. 

Yes I could just wait for things to pass and put them under the rug. I had done that for years before I started investing in myself & personal development. And yeah, I could live without it. 

But now that I have the tools to overcome what life throws at me and a powerful coach, I bounce back out of my funk quicker and quicker. That’s what allows me to thrive and to aim a little higher each time. 

If you too wanna bounce back out of your funk, here are some of my fav tools: 

Inner child work 

As a child, it’s highly likely that all your needs were not met, even if your parents were great. 

For example, while kids need to feel unconditional love, they might receive love based on their accomplishments. Your parents – like mine – might have praised you for your school results so you bought into the misunderstanding that you must achieve to be loved. As an adult that shows up in patterns and behaviors that are innocent but that are not serving you (over achieving, workaholism…) 

That’s where inner child work supports you. As an adult, instead of repeating the pattern and buying into the old stories, you get to meet your own needs. You re-parent yourself to offer yourself what you needed in those exact times: unconditional love, validation and so on. 


Mindfulness is a lot more than a tool. It’s a way of being and a daily commitment that allows you to be fully present to what IS in the NOW. In a mindful state you are aware of your thoughts, sensations and emotions, you don’t identify with them, you buy in no stories. You are able to notice the space between the stories and you. 

When you see that you are not your thoughts, you perceive in a neutral way and you can do enquirry work. 

Enquiry work 

Enquiry work is all about asking yourself a series of questions about your own beliefs and thoughts. Are your thoughts true? Are they really true? Like without the shadow of a doubt. And if they are not 100% true, can you find examples of how the opposite of that thought is currently true. Take it as a game, play with it and find your own new truth. 


Often, mindset and enquiry work don’t help. That’s not because they don’t work, it’s simply because your body and emotional state are too overwhelmed to let your mind analyze your thoughts from a neutral state. That’s absolutely normal. 

Breathwork is then the perfect tool because it helps regulate your nervous system, brings you back to a neutral state so you have a chance to do enquiry and mindset work to get back to your truth. 

I hope those tools will support you next time you get into a funk. If you feel like you need extra support, The Changemaking Sisters Circle is for you. There, you’ll be able to ask all your questions around mindset, emotional management (or anything related to life coaching) while receiving breathwork sessions twice a month.