The search engine that plants trees: Ecosia

Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees with the revenues generated by its paid ads. You could be sustainable, fight deforestation and protect the environment only by browsing the web. It is as amazing as it sounds, read our article to discover what Ecosia search engine is and how you can use it from now.

A search engine that plants trees

It is easy: you browse on Ecosia, some money is generated due to the ads and 80% of the benefits is used to plant trees. Maybe you have not heard of it before but be aware that not only it is amazing for the environment but it is also a big success. Since 2009, the year Ecosia was born, over 21 million of trees have been planted thanks to the search engine. Learn more about the different projects they run on their website.

Why a search engine that plants trees?

The reason why the Ecosia search engine decided to plant trees is that “They’re nature’s high-impact home remedy.” Indeed, they have many benefits for earth: they absorb CO2 which cools down the climate, they protect the soil, they clean the air and produce oxygen, they offer us delicious fruits and they prevent floods. How cool is that?

Ecosia search engine, a transparent company

What we love about the Ecosia search engine is the aim of the company but also how they do business. The company is completely transparent and publishes its monthly financial reports online. You can then be sure that they do good and that you are right to trust them.

How can you start?

We are pretty sure that you can’t wait to get started and that the only question you have in mind now is “how do I start with Google tree?”. It is very simple, you only need to go on and download the extension compatible with your browser (chrome, safari…). In 3 clicks you are done and ready to fight deforestation. Do not forget to download the ecosia app for your mobile!

Ecosia made our day. At Attitude Organic we think that the even the smallest habits make a big difference. What could be easier for you than downloading the Ecosia app and to use the Ecosia search engine? Go for it now! If you look for more tips to be more sustainable, you can browse our sustainable fashion category.

Let’s protect the environment together!


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