B12 : Easy everyday energising green smoothie recipe

Try our new energising vegan smoothie recipe. A great blend of greens and superfood, rich in B12, protein, Iron, zink and fibre !

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Black Rice And Chioggia Beet Carpaccio

Are you looking for an healthy recipe that is also beautiful to look at and delicious? We got you covered, discover our Black Rice and Chioggia Beet Carpaccio recipe now!

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Charcoal Latte the new coffee lover trend!

Discover the new healthy food favourite, the charcoal latte. It is obviously a big IG star, but what is it and is it healthy? Read our article to figure it out! (Recipe bonus)

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Coco bowls: a good breakfast option?

We know that coco bowls are pretty, but is there any other advantages really?

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Healthy Cake or healthy pie, that is the question!

Make a guess, what is the healthiest option: a slice of cake or a bit of pie? Read now to discover the answer!

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