Sustainable Women’s Workwear & Productivity Hacks For A Killer Day.

3 Steps Routine For The Most Beautiful and Productive Day.

Including Killer Eco-friendly Workwear!

Have you ever felt down, depressed or unmotivated about your job? Did you wake up one day and felt out of alignment? Have you wished in the past week to gain more momentum, to be more efficient and more intentional about what you do as a living? Or maybe you are just looking for Sustainable Women’s Workwear inspo.

As if being happy about yourself, about your business or your corporate job was not enough, you also aim for a conscious lifestyle. Not only you look to be more efficient, but you want to accomplish that goal while being sustainable.

If you are reading this post, the chances are that you do not feel at the top of your game in terms of productivity and sustainability. But don’t worry, I feel you, I have been there, I pushed through it and I am in a far better place right now. Let me share my story and what I learnt on the way.

So, are you ready to be your best ethical and productive self? Bear with me!

Burn Out Hit Me Hard!

Back in August 2019, I was in Singapore for a corporate job. The aim was to get the work done, make the money while hustling for Attitude Organic, grow my business and go back travelling after couple of years.

Unfortunately, this is not what happened. My work permit application took forever to be revised (and eventually rejected) so my days were all about waiting stuck in my flat, anxious, with no money other than my food allowance “generously” accorded by (so called) boss.

I spent my days working on Attitude Organic, from my sofa in my pyjamas, feeling stressed and sorry for myself. I was so badly focused on my visa not coming, cultivating a lack mindset, being very impatient, not grateful and feeling out of focused with my own business. Even though, I was working harder and longer than ever, I was unhappy with my routine and endless to do list.

You got the picture, right? An angry, stinky me, hustling on meaningless and soul draining tasks. I knew it was time to change my habits, to regain joy, focus, self-confidence and motivation.

If you are perfectly happy with where you are now, I am so glad. The few 3 steps will help you reach another performance level and give you some tips to make it eco-friendly and ethical.

1. Get dressed – Put On Your Best Sustainable Women’s Workwear

While that sounds obvious, wearing a killer outfit was a game changer for me. Wearing in my PJs was probably the worst habit I have ever had but if you work from home, you probably got trapped. It is so easy to just wake up, pour yourself a cup of coffee and start working.

While doing so, I realised I was losing my self-confidence. Indeed, I was feeling ugly and as getting dressed seemed like a massive effort later during the day, I ended up not going out for up to 5 days in a row. Of course, not getting any fresh air, not enjoying the sunlight and not feeling confident destroyed me.

So, if you want to kill it at work, whether you work from home or at the office, take 5 to 10 minutes to choose and put Ethical And  Eco-friendly workwear you love.

Ethical and Eco-friendly Workwear options

First, use what you own! After all, what is better than your old-time favourite to boost your self-esteem and reduce your impact? You could also buy your work outfits I   second-hand. I personally love a good thrift store!

Another option is of course to go for new sustainable brands. If you are based in the US, I highly recommend Everlane. I absolutely love their products and values.

Their website mentions: “At Everlane, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt. That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world. Source only the finest materials. And share those stories with you—down to the true cost of every product we make. It’s a new way of doing things. We call it Radical Transparency. » I confirm they are very transparent about their cost, supply chain, business practice and pricing.

My Go To Sustainable Women’s Workwear

In terms of my go to pieces for a working day, I like adopting a smart casual outfit and I believe many of you will agree with me! This is why I would go for a blazer and hoodie.

Eco-friendly workwear & Sustainable Women’s Workwear

That blazer from Everlane is just perfect for me because I am all about that oversized fit. It brings the exact touch I want to any outfit. Whether it’s a pair of jeans for casual days or a little black dress for meeting days. Shop it here.

Sustainanle Outfit For work

The hoodie is essential for me because I often work in coffeeshop where the owners are crazy about air conditioning and I get cold easily. I never go anywhere without my laptop, my phone and an extra layer. I love that this one features a hood if I am caught in the rain. The material is also very interesting, and I wish you could touch it! Shop it here!

If you have any questions regarding those two pieces, please let me know. I will be glad to support you further.

Read more that blog post build a sustainable wardrobe easily and this one if you are on budget.

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2. Change your morning routine

We will never say that enough, morning routine is key to a productive and happy day. The first hour of your day impacts the 23 remaining ones. I am not kidding; it really sets the tone. If you wake up, straight think about your to do list, grab your phone and consequently gets overwhelmed and grumpy, it is normal.

When I spotted that beginning my day scrolling my email and social media was making me unhappy, I started  changing my morning routine. I tried a few in the past but noticed that they were counting too many steps for me and they felt like a to do list before the actual to do list.

So, I started flagging what was causing me to worry, I cut it down and I completed it with more research. This is when I encountered a podcast where the  bestselling author of Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod shared his 6 steps to start your day the best way possible. That worked like a charm for me. It reconnected me to my why, to my motivations, to my energy and joy. It also gave me tools to calm down and that is priceless! Here is the link to the book!

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)

Here are the 6 steps for a miracle morning

Feel free to put your Sustainable Women’s Workwear before or after those steps.


That will make you feel good about yourself and give loads of self-confidence. However, do not affirm anything you are not cofident in because it generates a negative feeling and it is not what you look for here.


Visualise your big goals, your dream life but also about the small actions you need to take on a daily basis to achieve them


I usually choose self-development book because it makes me feel good and allow me to work on myself through the day. But you can also read about business or anything related to your own expertise. The more knowledgeable, the more confident!


Writing down your thoughts and feeling on paper gives you clarity and headspace. Just go free flow for 10 minutes to synthesize your vision or to set your intentions for the day. Sometimes, ideas you never thought about come to you and that feels amazing!

Also, if a thought is stuck in your mind (are you anxious too?), write it down and you will instantly feel better! Contemplate it, be curious about it, try to understand why you feel that way, take time to actually feel the feeling and move on.


Even if you start with one sun salutation (like me) it is a must. It doesn’t have to be long but it wakes your body up and energises you.

I strongly advise you to listen to Deliciously Ella podcast for more details or get the book!

3. Fight the overwhelm and get organised

I was guilty of being busy for the sake of it which is exactly what burnt me out! I wanted to do everything that crossed my mind and eventually was doing too much, too poorly. Therefore, I was not focused on what was bringing me and my business forwards.

It  is better to set less goals for the year, the month, the week and the day. And to then define needle moving actions that will help you achieve these goals. So, break the goal in small achievable steps that will bring you in the right direction be consistent. That is key!

I learnt that method thanks to the online community called Bossbabe and I am so grateful I found them. I even bought their planner in December and waited 1st of January to start it fresh. Even though I am still working out how to focus on important tasks and not get overwhelmed, that is a powerful tool. It was such a good investment and I am not sponsored by them to write this, I truly mean it!

A Routine Tested And approved!

Do you think those three steps could help you? I really think so because they worked so well for me. Right now, I am writing that post from Mexico. I got my mental health back and I fell better than ever. I am super comfortable in my Sustainable Women’s Workwear and I feel radiant, powerful and gorgeous!

Besides, you might wonder how my business is going? How does it profit from my look and mind shift? Well more and more opportunities are coming to me, I am way happier going through my to do list and I am more productive!

So tell me, are you ready to take that life changing action? What steps of that new routine have you tried and which one do you think will be a game changer for you? Share your thoughts in comments!

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However, all the opinions and ideas in that blog post are mine and I would never recommend anyting I do not trust myself.