At Attitude Organic, we make it our mission to provide you with sustainable products. We hand-pick all of our sustainable products. We make sure that they answer a list of criteria, so you can avoid the hassle of going through the brand ethos yourself.

What is a sustainable product?

Products that are sustainable are products that don’t harm the environment and don’t contribute to waste. Buying sustainable products support environmental balance. Sustainable brands create their products without using up too many natural resources, but instead focused on preserving them. They also make their products in a way that doesn’t require too much energy. Sustainability means using products in a way where there’s enough to go around and enough to keep going for future generations.

How are the products from the blog sustainable?

A product must answer at least one of the criteria below for us to consider it sustainable. Most of the time, the products we offer tick more than one box. You can read more details in the product description.

Made from recycled materials and fabrics.

Sustainable brands create their products with a strong belief in zero waste. Products made from recycled materials keep the already full landfills from filling up with anymore waste. So, this in turn keeps the environment and atmosphere from being polluted.

Made using only natural sustainably grown materials.

Our brands create their products without adding any harsh chemicals that could pollute the earth. 


Our clothing brands make their items with fabrics like organic cotton.

Made by brands that limit their waste.

These brands take measures to reduce their own waste. They don’t throw away any leftover fabrics after production. Instead, they make sure to re-use all of the leftover fabric for new designs.

High-quality and long-lasting.

Sustainable brands make their products to last. These products are made from high-quality materials and fabrics. This makes them products you’ll never need to throw away.

Produced locally.

These products are made locally. This makes them eco-friendly, because they don’t pollute the environment with carbon emissions from shipping long distances. The materials used in them are also locally sourced.