Rocking Sustainable Phone Cases To Protect Your Phone & The Environment!

Why Get Sustainable Phone Cases?  

Investing in sustainable phone cases helps you protect your phone, as well as helping you protect the environment. The planet produces about 300 million tonnes of plastic globally each year, after that, we only recycle 10%. This statistic includes cheap, low quality, plastic phone cases.

People may use phone cases for a little while, but we consider them a very disposable product. Therefore, fast fashion, including phone cases, is the second largest pollutant in the world. Over 1 billion plastic phone cases are sold per year and a good proportion of them quickly add to the seven million tonnes of plastic that end up in the sea each year. 

The sea breaks down plastic into smaller micro-plastics. Marine life confuses this with food and they end up consuming enough plastic to kill them. Above all, if we do not cut down on the amount of plastic thrown into the ocean, life in the sea will soon become non-existent. If you feel enthusiastic, switch out the plastic. 

Our Favourite 3 Sustainable Phone Cases


  • Pela want to create a waste free future by developing an environmentally friendly phone case. 
  • Firstly, they are the world’s first 100% compostable, ethical phone case company.
  • When you get a new phone, or are done with the case, you can throw it in garden and it begins to biodegrade. 
  • In addition, they donate 5% of total sales to charities such as ‘Save the Waves’, ‘Surfrider foundation’ and ‘Oceana’. 
  • These sustainable phone cases range from £30 – £35.


  • This UK company focus on minimising the impacts of production and try to be as kind to the planet as possible.
  • Illustrate produce sustainable, wooden phone cases that independent artists design.
  • In short, their goals include: to set up a charity to aid environmental development AND wish to operate a plastic free supply chain by 2020!
  • Similarly, for every ten ethical phone cases sold, they plant a tree. This helps with their mission of creating environmentally friendly phone cases. 
  • These sustainable phone cases range from £10 – £30.

The Eco Owl 

  • These ethical phone cases are made from natural and organic materials.
  • The handmade, environmentally friendly phone cases come in many materials. For example, wooden designs, flowers and hay, as well as a very popular coffee bean one, that actually smells like coffee!
  • They set up in 2014 and decided they needed to change the industry from liking leather and environmentally harmful materials.
  • They ensure to pick up 2 pounds of plastic for every item sold.
  • These sustainable phone cases range from £20 – £30.

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Written by Olivia Rowe-Parr.