Sustainable Action Of The Day Challenge


A 7 day challenge to be more sustainable and feel good about it!

Are you willing to be more sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly?

But you are a bit confused about your next step?

I feel you, I have been there and don’t worry, I got your back!

I developed a 7 days FREE challenge to help you gain momentum and motivation.

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Why A Challenge?

Sustainable Action Of The Day Challenge

I was watching a beautiful IG story from my dear friend Gemma the other day and it was such a breakthrough. She was explaining how we can walk into our higher self. I have been practicing visualisation for over a year now and I found it extremely helpful and motivating. I have a clear picture of who I want to be and my desired life.

I am in a beautiful office with wood floor, white walls, big windows and a beautiful morning light. I am with my team, a couple of young women I manage, teach and support every day. Of course, I am more eco-friendly than ever. I went to the office biking, my white outfit is from an ethical brand and my makeup is 100% mineral, vegan, cruelty-free and comes in refillable packaging. I am happy and impact the world one day at the time.

But still, I had not stepped into her. I see her, I can feel how she feels, she puts a smile on my face during my morning routines, but she still seemed inaccessible. The best version of myself, that eco warrior and badass business owner was out of my reach.

Gemma brought the pieces together. She suggests that we have dinner dates with our higher selves and act as her. What would she eat? What would she wear? What would she drink? That was the bound between my vison and myself. I will be the eco-friendly and optimist militant of my visons, not for a dinner but for a full day. And why not seven!

And I would like to challenge you to do the same. I know you want to be more sustainable. Picture you being the best version of your sustainable self? What will your life be like? See it, feel it, embrace it. Do you see it?

Now you only miss the steps to get there and that is where the challenge comes in! In seven days, I will share loads of tips and value to help you be more sustainable than ever while feeling relaxed and having fun.

Ready to become a better version of yourself?

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I can’t wait to play with you over there!