Superfoods: Easy Recipes To Make The Most Of It!

Superfoods are definitely EVERYWHERE lately. However, it is easy to get lost for two reasons. First because we count so many different ones (more or less yummy between us). Then because you might have no clue how easily you can incorporate them in your recipes with no effort! You don’t have to eat raw Kale if you don’t like it! Keep reading to find out how to get easy nutrients and vitamins!

1. Chia seeds because we love them

Chia seeds Superfood

That is surely the easiest thing to add to your daily meals or drinks! It is also all your body might crave for: calcium, Omega 3, fibre, fatty acids and soooo much more!

Ideal for breakfast!

Do you have soy yogurt and organic muesli at home? Just mixed them together and add a spoon of chia seeds. Tadaaaaa, breakfast is ready!

You can add it to any recipes such as Vegan Panna Cotta for Dessert of healthy granola bars as a snack.

You could also add it to salads or whatever stew but to be honest we don’t like it. Give it a go though because you never know!

2. Açaï

Acai Superfoods

It is a pretty controversial especially after the Açaï Bowl trend of last summer. But according to Texas A&M University researchers, Açaï has many benefits, such as promoting heart health, improving the skin condition, helping digestion, boosting energy and fighting ageing effects (among others).

Special Sweet Treat

You may find recipes in our bowls article! We find it absolutely lovely as an healthy alternatives to ice cream in summer! Perfect snack and special treat breakie!

3. Kale, the perfect superfoods!

It is all over blog posts, social media and including in many recipes and it worth such a fame! You might enjoy the taste or not, its benefits are numerous so it is in our top superfoods with no doubt.

It is number 1 antioxidant, anti cancer, great for the skin and much more. To get into details, please refer to this article from Heal With Food which explains all the properties of that veggie.

Superfoods lunches and dinners!

There are so many delicious salads, soups, stews, pizzas, curries… that you can cook. All those superfoods recipes require different level of preparation and difficulties of course. To keep it simple, here is an easy Kale salad recipe we love!

If you wish to avoid extra cooking, just add a bit to your usual salad bowl. Nothing else is required!

4. Almonds (Milk?)

This Super Food is rich in Calcium, Vitamin E, magnesium,potassium, iron…  We love them raw as a snack. They are filling while healthy and easy to grab if you are at the office.

Easy in coffee!

Superfoods Almond Milk

Another option to get your daily dose is to have it with your coffee. That is our favourite option because not only it is healthier than cow milk but it is also cruelty free! Did you know that you can even get crazy and make crazy recipes with almond milk? Check out our Charcoal latte and turmeric latte recipes, you will be amazed!

5. Lentils, don’t be scared!

This one is great because rich in proteins and irons! Perfect for vegans and vegetarians, it helps fighting diseases, anaemia and keep sugar level under control.

Dinner staple!

We love lentils in a bowl because it is healthy, delicious and so easy. You basically just need to boil and cook the lentils, roast your favourite veggies and add them to the bowl. You can creative with the sauce or just stick to olive oil or tomato sauce. If you run out of idea, this recipe is marvellous!

Here are only 5 but the list is much longer! As you can see you can either dedicate a meal to Superfoods, cook them or only add them on top of your usual preparation. Want to let us know what is your favourite Super Food? Leave a comment! xx

This article is written by Marine Leclerc, the founder of that website. She owns all copyrights!