Eco friendly decoration: Say stop to DYI

Soooooo! You are finally ready to start with eco friendly decoration. As a millennial, you probably already checked online and your Google best friend displayed pages and pages of do it yourself ecodecor. You happily started checking and came to the painful conclusion that DIY ecodecor is not doable and let’s face it, pretty gross in most cases! Read below to discover why, what to avoid and the solution that Attitude Organic suggests.

Do not trust Google for eco friendly decoration!

computer shell

Attitude Organic team tried for you to search eco friendly decoration in Google. All you can see is terrible ideas to recycle some old goods of yours. You are also suggested to reuse some materials you can find in the streets, or so they say. But honestly, do you often concrete on the pavement, carry it back home and transform it as planter? Unless you are a strong wonder woman, we doubt it.

What about computer shells as a chandelier?

1: Do you want to buy a computer shell to make your own eco friendly decoration?

2: can it be called a decoration if it is ugly?

So of course, the idea is fun and it looks good (sometimes) but keep in mind that it can be time consuming. Do you have that much time to dedicate to your eco friendly decoration? We would say that the results do not worth the pain.

Eco friendly decoration alternatives

As we said, all those DIY eco friendly decoration are difficult to realize, especially if you are not patient and clumsy. But some ideas are easy to follow and implement. We made a special selection for you in our article how to start with ecodecor. For example, you can recycle wine bottles (yummy) into chandelier or even vases. Easy right?

Eco friendly decoration best option

Viva Terra

Our favorite ecodecor solution is to go for eco friendly brands specialized in home decor. There are more and more brands. Even if some are really pricey and can easily be out of your budget, you can find some affordable labels. One of our favorite is Coyuchi. They make absolutely lovely sustainable bedding set and organic sheets. If you look for eco furniture and a broader range of Eco friendly decoration, we would suggest that you visit Viva Terra.

Coyuchia Ecodecor

We are sorry if you were looking for revolutionary DIY Eco friendly decoration, that is not too much of our thing but we want you to have an eco home without making it a pain. We know your time is precious and that you want your place to be as on point as your style and we are pretty sure that you now agree with us 🙂