Solid Moisturizer From Lamazuna: My December Discovery

First of all, I would like to let you know that I fell in love with that product and that I am not getting paid for that Lamazuda review. Therefor, this article is 100% relevant, honest and fun <3

Each time I am on a holiday in France, I stop by my favourite organic store. This time, I went to shop my solid shampoo from Lamazuna and a moisturiser. My skin gets really dry with the cold and I tend to have eczema. After a week spent in France (back from Asia), I was not only freezing (you get used to the minimum 26 degrees realy fast, believe me) but my skin got fussy.

This is how I found my new friend, the solid moisturizer from Lamazuna. Sorry I could not find the product details in English but I will be happy to translate anything you need if you leave a comment below! Keep reading for my full review!

About Lamazuna

Lamazuna is a french brand meaning “pretty young girl”. I love it even more now that I am aware! The company launched in 2010 because the founder Laëtitia refused to throw away her used cotton pads. She came up with reusable cleansing wipes instead. Since then, the business keeps growing.

Today, the brand count a large number of products that aim to help people adopting a zero waste lifestyle. You can find the range online and in eco stores, including solid shampoo, solid deodorant, menstrual cups and my new discovery, a solid moisturiser!

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The Cocoa Butter solid Lamazuna moisturiser

According to Lamazuna, this natural moisturizer is volatile, which means that you can use it for your faces, body and massages (if you are lucky!). Made from Cocoa butter, it is very nourrishing and as it is chemical free, it should not clog the pores. That sounded dreamy to me!

Besides, if you have a checklist like me before considering a product, there you go:

-100% natural, COSMOS Organic certified. I did go through the list of ingredients for you, they are only four and 98% of them are bio (organic) certified. Could not be cleaner!

– Vegan

– Minimu packaging, recyclable paper and no plastic!

Those three criteria are basically my three main expectations before testing a product.

My review

I was a bit concerned at first that I would not be able to apply it properly but I was amazed! You just need to massage gently onto your skin and the butter melts in a few seconds as promised. It is such a nice feeling and it is easy to use.

Straight after applying, the skin is relieved, soft and smooth without being greasy. That is all I want from my body butter. It is clean and light! When I go through other so called natural body moisturizers’ composition, the ingredients list is so long. This is why I started going for carrier oils but they tend to be too greasy which I dislike daytime. What I also hate about is that I have greasy hands after use and that I spread it to the bottle when I close it. My bottles are all gross following only one application.

Lamazuna Review

Solid Cocoa ButterOther things that I like about it? It is convenient to travel, it smells nice without being too strong and it is a lot of fun to use. I highly recommend it!

I will also update you soon about if it relieves my eczema. It requires a few uses before fixing my bad skin condition 🙁