Social skills to save your carrier!

Today, Attitude Organic would like to share a message of love and faith with all our beautiful readers and it is based on social skills.

Has it ever happened to you to go food shopping, being on the rush and opt for automatic pay queue? Or maybe you saw an advertisement about vacuum robots that clean any office on its own? Have you felt excited or worried for your own future? Did you miss the smile of the cashier today?

Well you probably did not think about it, but it illustrates the fact that artificial intelligence and robotization destroy human jobs. For now, you might not feel threatened if you are qualified, but what will happen in 20 years time? And do you really want to minimize social interactions in your daily life?  

Robotization does kill job opportunities

According to The conversation (based on an Oxford University Research Article) 40% of the jobs will be replaced by computers soon.

The first victims of the robotisztion are the low qualified workers who do repetitive tasks but this observation will soon be true for higher educated people too. As explained in the article quoted before, robotization also threatens service positions and administrative support workers.

This is scary, isn’t it? It would mean that if you are not a manager or a scientists, you are doomed. This is actually the subject of numerous dystopian novels.

Stay calm, be kind and work on your social skills

Be kind social skills

Ok, so good news, if we wrote this article, it is not to ruin your day, but in the opposite to announce a good news. If these sad ideas already came up to your mind, keep reading and you will be relieved.  

Between 2009 and 2016, the top desired skill by companies is communication. It means that your current and future employers are not looking for your PHD in Maths or your coding knowledge at first, but for your social intelligence. They want you to be able to listen to people, to feel empathy and to perform in teamwork. Thus, being kind, open and interested in people is a professional skill. You should not underestimate it ladies. Being Human and generous could be looked at in a CV.  If you are not that type of profile, DO NOT PANIC.

What if social skills are not your thing?


Even if a computer can make the coding for the computer that will program another one, the company will still need a human with critical thinking abilities to make some judgement and analyze the reports. The society will also always need piece of arts and music. So developing your creativity and improving your analytical mind could be a solution for you.

Besides, there are still nice open positions you can apply for. Many job aggregators (job search websites) like Jooble are here to help you find a good vacancy.

Future is not that gloom! Indeed many jobs are going to disappear. BUT companies are more and more looking for creative, critical and social skills. Maybe having humanity is actually going to save your job in the future. So be kind.


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