Think Dirty App or the skin care ingredients to avoid made easy!

At attitude Organic, we know it can be slightly difficult to understand how to read the cosmetics labels and what are the skin care ingredients to avoid. Luckily there are two options. You can either start learning how to read the composition properly, or you can trust some mobile applications that will help you make a conscious choice. If you want an easy option, and you are used to technology as a good millennial, Think dirty app might be the best. Read below to learn what you could expect from it!

What is Think Dirty?

The aim of this app is to spot skin care ingredients to avoid easily! You scan the label and it allows you to get the composition and a grade for the product. The colour code is easy: Green is okay to use and Red is to avoid.

If you go into the details, it gives you the full list of ingredients and shows to you which ones are dirty, clean or half and half. It also explains what they are used for, how they are produced and their health impact.

If necessary, it finally suggests a cleaner options.

Why we like the app?

This mobile app makes your life easier by scanning the barcode and giving its opinion on if the product is dangerous (dirty) or not. It answers quickly to “should I buy it?” if I want to be safe. If you worry about the health impact that a product can have and that you do not want to spend time learning how to read labels, this application is perfect.

We also love the fact that it suggests cleaner options and that you are able to shop straight  from the app.

What is missing?

Many products, especially from small natural brands.

It mainly focuses more on if it is good or not for you and does not consider environmental and ethical aspects for example.

The plus

You feel like a part of the community when you use the app. If you do not find the product in the database, you can add it yourself.

Wanna try? Download it. We found it pretty fun! Share your opinion with us now!