Sarvin is a line of elegant and ethical womenswear, composed mostly of evening and cocktail dresses. It hand-tailors and embroiders all of its dresses.


Sarvin always interested in fashion and studied International Fashion Marketing at uni. She then went on to intern at various companies. There, she learned more about the industry and gained more experience. Then, in 2015 she decided to create her own fashion company. Sarvin grew up in the UK and has Iranian heritage.  She mixes elements of modern British and Persian style in her dress line.


  • Vegan

Sarvin uses plant-based fabrics to make its glamorous vegan dresses. No animal materials needed.

  • Eco-friendly

Sarvin is an eco-friendly line, because of its methods and materials it utilises. They use such materials as an eco-friendly yarn called cupro. Cupro is made from cotton, yet feels like silk. Just as luxurious, but much more breathable.

  • Sustainable

Sarvin’s message is that it is a sustainable brand, because its clothes will last a lifetime. It uses high-quality materials and fabrics to make its dresses. This makes them very durable. Sarvin’s clothes are made by local artisans. This also makes this line sustainable, because it lowers carbon emissions from shipping distances.

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