1:1 Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching

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Let’s build a sustainable lifestyle that will protect our planet while making you feel: healthier, happier and prouder.

Perfect for beginners or if you wanna bring your sustainable journey to the next level with ease, fun and peace.

Scroll down to learn more about the program, see if it’s a fit for you and read the transformation the beautiful souls who took the program experienced.

Payment plan available, scroll down to read.

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How it works?

We’d have 4 calls over 12 weeks together to:

  • Set your goals and work on any blocks you might have
  •  We prepare a super clear action plan to you make huge progress really fast while feeling super good about the journey.
  • Adapt the plan and make sure we find solutions for any blocks you might encounter.

It’s 100% flexible and personalized so you are fully supported in becoming the best eco version of yourself ?

What will you get?

  • Dedicated sustainable action plan to embrace the easy sustainable lifestyle that will allow you to live in alignment with your own values and build a brighter future
  • Extra support during the whole journey to make sure that you have all your questions answered, that you approach challenges in a way that is simple, clear and enjoyable and that the transition feels good for you.
  • You will finally have an accountability partner that will make sure you keep progressing, that you never feel alone or stressed during the program and that move faster than ever.
  • A 100% flexible and guilt free program so we can build the life that is sustainable for mother earth and for you.
  • A simplified and more rewarding lifestyle.


Call 1: 45 minutes

We will define your goals and understand why you are not there yet. You will receive some exercises to build the strong foundations you will need to live a sustainable lifestyle. We will go deep into your current beliefs and reframe them so your transition to the lifestyle of your dream is as smooth as possible.

Call 2: 90 minutes

Here comes the action plan! Based on our first call, I will deliver a sustainable action for you. It will be personalised, 100% actionable and achievable.

Call 3: 45 minutes

That follow up call is meant to check on your progress and address the difficulties that you face in implementing your sustainable action plan. You will be 100% supported and I will make sure that the plan works for you and that you are on the good path to reach the goals we defined together.

Call 4: 30 minutes

Wrap up. The point of that call will be to review our work together and make minor changes to your new habits and lifestyle if needs be. We’ll discuss the next steps so you keep exploring and improving your sustainable lifestyle.

Are you a good fit?

Read more about the program here if you are still on the fence!

Payment Plan

If 450€ is too much for you at once, not a problem! I offer payment plans to make it affordable for everyone. Send me an email at contact.attitiude.organic@gmail.com to arrange a 3 months payment plan (3 x 150€).

Additional information

Payment Plan Available

3 x 111€ over 3 months. Send me an email at contact.attitiude.organic@gmail.com to arrange it!

6 reviews for 1:1 Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching

  1. Hajnalka (verified owner)

    I truly recommend Marine’s Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching programme to those who wanna make a move forward an eco-friendly, plastic-free and conscious lifestyle, while not giving up their pleasures, favourite dishes, and even their obsession with fashion. Marine is a wonderful person and coach, we can only learn from her expertise.

  2. Carissa (verified owner)

    As her first client, I can confidently say that Marine has pushed me in ways that I never thought was possible. I went from a pescatarian who thought a vegetarian diet was tough, to being a vegan! Marine was conscious about setting realistic and practical goals that would work best for my lifestyle and supported in ways that were personalised to what I needed at the time. Not only did we cover topics on sustainability, but also my values and mindset to ensure long-term success in the sustainability goals I set out to achieve. 10/10 would recommend!

  3. Sumeen

    Marine’s sustainable coaching programme helped me achieve goals that I have been wanting to achieve for years (reducing food waste and investing in eco friendly swaps). She actively stimulates you to vision your goals and encourages you to make changes, whilst reminding you not to pressure yourself. She set me targets with deadlines to make sure I get them done, but also listened to me when I told her it was getting too overwhelming. Marine helped me by not only focusing on sustainable goals but also improving other aspects of my life like managing finances and time management. She is very friendly and understanding and works towards your specific goals. She is knowledgable and has many resources to help you. I’m glad I took this opportunity and started my sustainable journey with such a wonderful person. ?

  4. Carissa

    Thank you so much, Marine!

    It’s been a wonderful and very motivational journey with you. It’s only been three short sessions but I’ve gone from a state of “I really don’t think I can ever go vegan” to actually taking up the challenge to go vegan for a month. To think about how little confident I had back then about my sustainability journey and how I’ve achieved more than what I set out to is nothing but unbelievable. It wouldn’t have been possible without your constant support (which makes it so much easier) and reminder of the progress I’m making and your little sustainable tips and tricks! I’m so excited to take my sustainability journey further than what I’ve ever imagined, and this wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you for being such an inspiration and role model ?

  5. Charis

    Finding my way to a more sustainable and vegan life isn’t easy, certainly not for my mental health. Marine really helped me with some ecotips and tips to protect my mental health. During our calls she really gave me some insights. She helped me realizing how I can do more and how I’m already doing so much.Thank you so much! – Charis @thisischaris

  6. Deanna (verified owner)

    I’ve always had an interest in living a sustainable lifestyle. I follow a lot of zero waste stores, environmental influencers, and love eco-friendly, plastic-free, package-free products but never pushed myself. Marine motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to achieve my goals. She customized the experience to best fit my needs by creating realistic and practical goals. She helped me with reducing waste and eating less meat and was so happy with the outcome. I am so happy to have met Marine and have her as my coach.

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