Prince Charles Into Sustainable Fashion

Megan is not the only member of the royal family who is  into sustainable fashion! While she is launching her workwear capsule collection, her father in law, Princess Charles, is partnering with VIN + OMI to produce a dress collection in Nettles. 

About VIN + OMI

VIN + OMI was founded in 2004 with the idea to develop unique eco textiles and processes. They ensure each process is circular with thought and care put into each stage of the development. Their textile production is based on science, social and environmental awareness and problem solving.

They are very creative in reusing wasted or unwanted materials to produce trendy and edgy garments. In the past, they organised rivers cleanups and came up with rPET Textiles to produce gorgeous dresses out of plastic wastes. 

They also work really hard on producing some organic plants fabrics and leather. They succeeded in making Chestnut leather and nettle fabric, which is the one Prince Charles contributed to. Discover the process to makes those fabrics here.

A collaboration starting over a cup of tea!

Charles attended an event hosted by the British fashion Council about sustainable fashion. There he met the two Co-founders of the brand  and offered to give them the nettles from his own garden if they were interested. 

10 dresses in nettles

The collaboration between Prince Charles and VIN + OMI resulted in a collection of 10 dresses that will be presented to the public at London fashion week. 

The fashion styles will be a eco-friendly and the show likewise. The bags given there will be made from recycled vinyl posters and any adhesive plaster in the show will be made from biodegradable bamboo. If you are lucky to attend the event, you will drink from edible vessel. Seriously, how cool is that?

It’s not the first time that Prince Charles and the royal family raise awareness about sustainable topics. They highlighted issues related to deforestation and ocean pollution as an exemple. They also take actions! Indeed half of the energy used at the residence and in the offices come from renewable energies. Read more about Prince Charles green initiatives here.  

I find it really valuable that a family with so much influence and such a broad audience shares ethical and sustainable concerns. This is so powerful. What are your thoughts on the topic?

Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash