Coco bowls: a good breakfast option?

Have you heard of the coco bowls? Maybe you cannot place it but you surely have seen them on your insta feed. If not, check it here and read below for more explanations.

What are coco bowls?

Coco bowls

Coco bowls are pretty much the same as açaï bowls except that they are served in a real coconut with edible flowers on top. Thus, they feature exactly the same advantages and drawbacks than them with a specificity.

The coco bowls recipe

If you want a clear idea on what is a coco bowl, check our favorite recipe.

The benefits of the Coco bowls

Acai bowls

As the açaï bowls, coco bowls are made of fruits and are a source of vitamins. For this reason, they are much healthier than a chocolate ice cream and can satisfy your sugar craving. This delicious and pretty smoothie is the perfect snack for a Sunday morning sugar rush!

Moreover, if you are into beautiful food pictures and want to add up to your instagram feed, the coconut bowl is the perfect healthy touch. Your followers will surely be jealous!

The drawback of the Coco bowls

coconut bowl

Let’s face it, preparing an açaï bowl is already a bit of a struggle considering than the berries are not so easy to find. If on the top of it, you need to have a coconut in your fridge for breakfast, it start being a full day activity.

Moreover, have you ever tried to open a coconut? Good luck with that. A few businesses actually found a convenient alternative, they sell coco bowls. Please understand a manufactured bowl made from a coconut. It is actually a clever idea and can make the job if you want an OK picture. However, what we love about those delicious recipes is the taste of the coconut. How sad it is to have the coconut just for the look?

Our conclusion

We love coco bowls, they are delicious and they look great. It feels like you have breakfast in the Bahamas. Or in LA, the original city of the concept. But we want this bowl to remain a great experience, a special treat on sunny Sundays. Indeed it is not realistic to have it everyday for breakfast. At first, because it is not so easy to prepare and then because it is actually not so healthy if you look at the sugar intake. What do you think?