Pregnancy Yoga Classes: Why They’re Healthy

Why do yoga and pregnancy get along? Yoga is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. Doing pregnancy yoga classes help the body to prepare for childbirth, but also the mind!

Take the time to connect and focus on yourself and on your baby. Stretch and soothe your sore back, shoulders and legs. Learn to relax, breathe and meditate in preparation for the big day.

If you do yoga regularly, you’ll love all the challenging poses.

Are you ready to start?

The Benefits of practise Yoga during Gestation

The benefits of yoga for pregnant women are numerous: not only it prepares physically and mentally the body for childbirth, but at the same time it helps to soothe aches, pains, stress and insomnia.

It’s not just a practice fairly soft, but it also helps the body to stay toned, to fight the cons of pregnancy, like back pain or swelling.

Doing pregnancy yoga classes helps to strengthen muscles and hold off the pains. Yoga brings energy and greatly helps with sleep. In addition, all the exercises will help you to stay focused on breathing and movement.

How often do yoga excercises during pregnancy?

Your body during pregnancy is no longer able to do the amount of exercises that you did before.

You can practice yoga as much as you like, but it’s important that you listen to your body. For instance, if something seems not to go, abandon a position or interrupt the exercises.

The important thing as always is moderation. Don’t overdo the yoga excercises, choose the most suitable positions and movements in according to your stage of pregnancy!

However, I suggest you to consult your doctor or your yoga teacher to have more reassurance.

Where to do Pregnancy Yoga Classes?

If you are a future mom and you want to try yoga, check out in your city yoga classes for pregnant women. Contact your local studio, or make it virtual with Youtube.

Youtube offers video yoga classes. Thanks to some teachers you can learn how to practise yoga whilst you are pregnant.

In conclusion, there are many yoga studios in London that offer pregnancy yoga classes. After a long research I’ve selected for you the best ones:

Inside Michele myoga’s studio you can enjoy the benefits of pregnancy and postnatal yoga in order to feel supported!

Joyful Body Yoga’s has something special thanks to the expert Jayne Micallef. She prepares expectant mothers with proven mind-body hypnobirthing techniques for childbirth.

Yoga with Julie’s offers group classes, workshop and 1- to -1 sessions. Julie has over 8 years of pre-natal teaching experience!

Petra Yoga’s can help you to feel better and empowered. Petra is a qualified birthlight pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher. She is also specialised in teaching women with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction).

Embody Wellness’s friendly classes are planned to relax mother and baby. From sleep and relaxation, to physical readiness for labour.

The Shala London offers a range of yoga classes and workshops for expectant mothers. The aim is preparing the whole family unit for childbirth.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your pregnancy with yoga!

Written by Laura Sciascia

Cover image: Gecko Yoga