At Attitude Organic we are proud to offer natural clothing and skincare items that are gentle enough for even very sensitive skin. The plant-based ingredients in these products is what makes them so gentle. 

What is a plant-based product?

It is a product made completely out of plant materials.

How are our products plant-based?

Some of the plant-based ingredients and materials used in our products include:

Nut butters, flower and plant essential oils and vegetable oils. 

These ingredients make skincare gentle, hydrating and moisturising.

Lenzing, Tencel, cotton and bamboo.

These materials make clothing soft, breathable, comfortable and lightweight.

All of the items we classify as plant-based are:


Our brands that make these products only use ingredients and materials from plants. So, they don’t use any animal materials.


The cotton our clothing brands use is certified organic.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Buying plant-derived products improves the environment, because it cuts down your carbon footprint. It also saves water. That’s because, the production of animal-based products creates a lot of carbon emissions that pollute the atmosphere. The production of animal-based products also require tons of water. 

These products are also eco-friendly, because they are free from polluting chemicals, sulfates, parabens and silicone.