Plant based diet vs vegan

Veganism is certainly not new for all of us. The number of people who became vegan in the last couple of years have been increasing and it keeps going. More recently, the term of “plant-based diet” appeared. The aim to eat healthy and protect animals remain the same and people start using those terms interchangeably. However, regardless the similar foundation, these two terms have different meaning and motivation. This article brings you through Plant based diet vs vegan and helps you to choose the diet that suits you. Keep on reading!

What is Vegan?

Vegan is not a diet; it is more of a lifestyle. Being a vegan means avoiding any form of product that includes or comes from animal-derived ingredients or processing. The food we are having and the glass we’re drinking must not include any form of meat, dairy milk, cheese, honey, eggs, butter…

The vegan commitment also extends to their lifestyle. They do not buy genuine leather goods or any products (cosmetics, skin care) that are tested on animals. To put it simply, veganism is a way of living that avoid any products derived animal torture. If you want to learn more about this lifestyle, you can refer to our faux leather article and to our vegan makeup blog posts about Inika!

So, how would vegan differ with plant-based diet?

What is Plant-Based Diet?

difference between plant based and vegan

On the other hand, plant-based diet is a form of diet, clearly. Someone who follows this type of diet only have plant-based meals. So far, it is similar than the vegans way of eating.

However, plant-based diet is purely grounded for health purposes such as preventing cancer, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, reducing heart disease risk. All those diseases are claimed to be caused by red meat consumption.

Plant-based diet also requires the meal to be naturally and healthily processed. This means their meal should be farmed organically (without any chemical disturbance) and cooked healthily (no oil, no preservatives, not chemically processed) with low calorie.

In short, a plant-based diet accepts plant-based meal and avoids chemically-added processed food because it is dangerous for health.

Plant based diet vs vegan, differences!

To compile the explanation above, we can come up with this statement that summarise the Plant based diet vs vegan opposition.

‘Vegan is all plant-based, but plant-based is not necessarily a vegan.’

Vegan, as a lifestyle, commits to reject any form of product that comes from or tested on animal. This is applicable whether it’s food, fashion or cosmetics. A vegan is motivated to stick to animal rights issues. Veganism is more than just avoiding animal-derived products in their diet but also committed to do the same for their entire lifestyle.

On the contrary, people who follow a plant-based diet eat plant-based meal because they want reduce health risks caused by animal-derived food and chemicals. Therefore, this motivation does not restrict them from using genuine leather goods. This is why we can’t really say plant-based diet is the same with veganism because they have different motivation and perspectives on using animal-based products. One is for health reasons, and the other is more ethically conscious towards other living things.

Moreover, we have explained that plant-based diet followers don’t eat processed food (packaged food, ready-to-eat food, snacks, junk food…) This is because those are rich in additive and preservative that may be harmful for their health. That’s why, someone who follows this type of diet tries to avoid any animal-based food, white flour, oils and refined sugar. For instance, they may not eat Oreo (even though Oreo is vegan) and French fries (even though technically it is vegan). A vegan can still have fast food meal or processed food as long as it is vegan labelled. They can still eat Oreo or French fries without feeling guilty. In the end, the choice is different from one person to another. A vegan can choose to eat freshly cooked food or ready-to-eat meals. A table to illustrate the Plant based diet vs vegan comparison:

Plant Based Vegan
Plant Based Diet Plant Based Diet
Avoid processed Food Can take fast food
Health Motivation Animal rights Motivation
Diet Lifestyle
Can wear leater and Fur Fight against leather and fur

Plant based diet vs vegan, Which One is Better?

We genuinely hope that the explanation above gives you a better insight about the differences between these two terms. Next question you might ask is probably “which one is better?”

Both vegan and plant-based diet have the same health benefits if we may say. Cutting our meat-based meal plan solely on plant-based food is definitely a good thing. Researchers have found that eating plant-based diet can reduce the risk of developing chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Moreover, even though vegan is less restricted towards processed food, doctors and nutritionist suggested to give priorities to freshly cooked plant-based meals because they are healthier. Therefore, it all depends on you. At the end of the day, you are the one who knows best for your health and well being.

Plant based diet vs vegan: it’s all about you!

Additionally, you might also wonder how to define yourself in this all dietary lifestyle. The answer to this question is again, depends on yourself. What is your motivation, focus, life purpose, and the things that matters to you the most? Do you care about animals or is your health more important to you? Or you can be both, as a plant-based vegan perhaps? By cooking your own plant-based meal, eat less processed food, avoid junk food at all cost, use less oil when cooking, and at the same time be conscious towards animal rights.

So how about you? How do you define your self and dietary motivation? There is no wrong or right answer. Just follow your heart and get the best outcome from your dietary lifestyle preferences. Good luck! xx