Paguro Upcycle

Paguro hand-makes  cool, funky, and sustainable bags, purses and jewellery.


Yen created Paguro after she became tired of seeing so much fast fashion in stores. She wanted high street fashion options that were as interested in sustainability and durability as she was. Yen spent some time travelling through South East Asia. There, she met a designer who used recycled materials to make accessories and handbags. Yen admired the creative way these items were put put together. She noticed that the ethical way they were made had a positive effect on the local community. Then, Yen became inspired to continue searching around the world for other similar designers. Her mission with Paguro is to show what kind of quality fashionable pieces can be created with repurposed materials. The word paguro means hermit crab in Latin. Hermit crabs are natural upcyclers. They find an item lying around. Then, they use that item as their home.


  • Vegan

Paguro’s bags and purses look very similar to leather. However, they are made out of plants instead of animals. All products are easy to clean, durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • Eco-friendly

Paguro makes all of its accessories from recycled materials. Did you know you can make a necklace from out of a tyre? Paguro makes us of recycled rubber from tyre inner tubes  to makes their accessories. They avoid creating more environmental waste and instead give life to old discarded items. What makes them eco-friendly is that they are not creating more pollution that would damage the planet.

  • Sustainable 

Using recycled materials also makes this line sustainable. Using reclaimed materials makes each accessory unique. So, no two are the same.  And Paguro doesn’t just use tyres. Paguro makes some of it’s jewellery from recycled skate boards. It even offers center pieces made from the wood of old whiskey barrels. 

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