Our Vegan Supermarket List In London

In light of a rise in customer demand, supermarkets are catering more to the vegan lifestyle and we couldn’t be happier. A vegan section at Iceland launched in September 2018 and Holland and Barrett plans to open an all vegan supermarket.

So good news: vegan shopping is about to get a whole lot easier! But before these changes, we still need somewhere to shop for vegan food and products. So, we’ve decided to handpick a few vegan only shops. Oh and one is even a zero waste store!

TheVeganKind Supermarket our favourite vegan supermarket online

If you’re looking for a vegan supermarket online this is a fantastic option. Indeed, they sell everything from vegan food to vegan beauty products so you can purchase most of what you need in one place.

We also love that they offer a range of eco-friendly products such as green household items and eco-friendly toothbrushes. Their wide variety of stock, finally includes gluten-free options and vegan dog food! #funnyfact

Besides, free shipping is offered on orders over £60 as well as a free extra product. How cool? That said, try to group your orders. It is better for the environment to shop a big quantity once a month than smaller batches every week. Vegan Supermarket

Next up is: GreenBay.

London’s very first 100% vegan supermarket! Their small store in West Kensington has a great atmosphere with very helpful staff. If you are familiar with the area, it is the ideal place to go for a lovely Sunday walk. We recommend that you grab a soya latte in your reusable cup.

Back to our subject: we love that store! However, to access a bigger selection we suggest visiting their website. They also offer gluten-free food and vegan dog food. Their household range includes vegan scented candles, we are obsessed!

Finally, they have a fair health and beauty range but we wish it could include Vegan Makeup and more known skincare brands.

Vegan Supermarket

We also highly recommend that you read their blog. It is full of rich content that you might need in your daily life but also of unexpected vegan news. They dedicated posts to the vegan magnums for example.

Last but not least: Hetu.

An exciting vegan food shop located in South West London. This innovative zero waste store takes vegan shopping to another level. It means they aim to eliminate waste, not reduce it. To encourage this, they suggest that you bring your own containers to fill with your choice of food. Visiting this eco-friendly vegan store is an absolute must if you’re in London. Their product list includes earth wise pads and earth conscious deodorant making an eco-friendly lifestyle even easier for us women!

We also love how they take their customers into consideration. They put the emphasis on the fact that the stock arrives on Wednesday and that you have a higher chance to get all you need on Thursday. They write: “If you are travelling far, please call or text us first to check we have the items you are looking for to avoid disappointment.” Such a great company for millenials like us. We can now text the brand to ask about the stock. Whoop!

We hope you are able to try at least one of the vegan supermarkets we suggested. If you’re not fond of cooking or shopping why not try a healthy food box delivery?

Happy Shopping!