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Welcome on our Ethical Shopping Site and Sustainable community. Once you are clear on your goals, that you know how to reach them and that you are motivated to put a little effort in, you might need to buy some new sustainable, ethical and natural goods.

Please, make sure you get it right, you MIGHT need some products. By definition, if you want to be sustainable, you cannot buy your way there. You first need to question what you need and why you need it.

Our Ethical Shopping Site offers a range of products to reach your new goals. You will be able to find here ethical fashion styles, vegan clothing, natural skincare, zero-waste accessories and eco-decor. We make sure to keep adding new brands regularly so when you realise you need a product, you can find its natural, ethical and eco-friendly alternative in a few clicks.

We guarantee that we hand-picked the best alternatives for both our Ethical clothing site and our natural beauty website.

We select the products to be amongst the best ethical clothing sites.

In order to provide you with the best products, we make sure that our suppliers have the same values than ours. It means that all the fashion pieces we sell here fills at least one of the criteria below.

Vegan Clothing Brands

Vegan & Ethical Shopping Site Blog

A vegan product is a product that isn’t made with any animal materials. We offer many bags, accessories, clothing and skincare that have been verified to contain absolutely no animal materials. Many of these brands have been officially certified by animal-welfare organisations such as PETA. Read more here.

Ethically Made Clothing

Products that are ethically made are made with a good conscious. This covers a wide range of issues, including exploitation, working conditions, sustainability, fair trade, animal welfare and the environment. Our ethical brands make their products in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or any animals and that ensure its workers get fair respectful treatment and have a good working space. Read more here.

Brands that give to charity

We value brands with altruistic mission statements about helping others. That’s why we offer a few different brands that give back a portion of the profits they make to charity. We make sure to label each product that gives to charity and identify which cause its profits are going to. See more on that page.

Sustainable Clothing

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Products that are sustainable are products that don’t harm the environment and don’t contribute to waste. Buying sustainable products supports environmental balance. Sustainable brands create their products without using up too many natural resources, but instead focused on preserving them. They also make their products in a way that doesn’t require too much energy. Sustainability means using products in a way where there’s enough to go around and enough to keep going for future generations. More information here.

Eco Clothing

Eco-friendly means that the product won’t hurt the environment. Eco-friendly products don’t have any chemicals or preservatives that would cause harmful pollution. This means that they won’t pollute the water, air, or land. Read more here.

From the UK

Many of our brands are from the UK, where they also locally source and make their products. When you purchase a product from these brands, you know exactly where your product is coming from. It reduces the carbon footprint of the product and guarantees that workers are well treated. Read more here.

Organic Clothing

The materials used to produce the garments and accessories are naturally grown without any GMOs, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Learn more!

Natural Clothing

We offer a wide range of products made from only ingredients found in nature. None of these products contain any artificial ingredients. It also guarantees that no chemicals will end up in our water and soils due to washing, dyeing and other processes. Read more here.


At Attitude Organic, we’re proud to offer high-quality handmade products. And we proudly support the artisans who make these high-quality products in innovative and creative ways. With these products, you can feel and see the time and effort put into each one. Read more here.

In upcycled Fabric

To upcycle something means to make something new out of old used materials. You add value and quality into a new product when you upcycle. Clothing brands that use upcycled fabrics, make new pieces with discarded fabrics.  Read more.

In recycled materials

Brands that make their products from recycled materials create products by repurposing old discarded items. By producing nothing new, you protect the environment. Details here.

Made to order

The brand makes its product specifically for you. It only makes the product once you place an order for it. This way the brand is able to make the product exactly the way you want and results in avoiding stock and waste. Discover more.

You can find all the details about your product ethos in the details of the product description. We also wrote some pages about each of those features. You may refer to them for further information. For any other questions related to the sustainability and ethics of our products, please get in touch at contact.attitude.organic@gmail.com

We repeat it, our Ethical Shopping Site offers great alternatives to reach your goals but first make sure you only buy the products you need or that you love so much that you are ready to take care of them for years to come.

A natural beauty website to keep you and the environment safe!

Natural Beauty Website

Natural Cosmetics

the ingredients contained in the products we sell are all natural and safe to use. No hash chemicals will cause you any harm. Read more here.

Organic Beauty Products

Some of our beauty range is certified organic. Learn more!

Vegan Beauty Products

we guarantee that our products labelled vegan contain no ingredients from animal sources. Read more here.


At Attitude Organic, we only offer items from brands that care about the wellbeing of animals. So, we make sure that the ways they create and test their products are completely ethical and cruelty-free. No harm to animals occurred in the making of any of the products we sell. Read more!

Eco friendly

The beauty products we sell and label as eco-friendly are packaged using eco-friendly materials. Same goes for the shipping. Read more here.