New natural skin & Hair Care

Hello green ladies! We do not know if you noticed but we started stocking more and more products that are ethically made, natural and efficient. Our new range is from Claire. A natural beauty brand that is booming in South East Asia. Read below to find out more!

A natural beauty brand

Claire is a natural beauty brand. They make all their products with natural ingredients and avoid all the nasty chemicals that you usually find in other brands.

An ethical range

Their soap, perfumes body and face oils  are all Vegan. They are absolutely cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Besides, everything is ethically produced. The people who make your cosmetics are not under age, work in a safe environment and are paid a fair wage.

A vast range

We love the choice of natural products the brand offers. From perfumes 100% safe to shampoo bars, you can find all the must have for a clean beauty routine. Body and face Oils, Scrubs, shampoo, essential and carrier oils, soaps for all skin type and delicious lip balms.

One of our favourite product is the lavender hair care oil. Not only it is perfect for dry hair but it also reduces the hair loss and stimulates the growth. We fell in love the first time we used it. you will see the results after the first usage.

The other one is the mosquito repellent, a staple with sun coming back. Easy to use, it is a stick and it will not make your hands greasy or dirty after use. It is non toxic, it smells divine and it works!

We hope that it is what you are looking for, check the full range on our natural store! Oh and we forget to tell you the best about it, it is affordable!