We care about the ingredients going into the products we offer. We believe that products you put on your face and body should be safe for both your skin and the environment. That’s why we offer a variety of natural products.

What is a natural product?

It is a product made from materials and ingredients that can be found in nature. This includes mineral, animal or plant materials.

How are our products natural?

We offer a wide range of products made from only ingredients found in nature. None of these products contain any artificial ingredients.

The items we consider natural have at least one, if not all of these qualities:

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Buying and using natural products is good for the environment. Brands that make these products don’t use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. These products also do not contain any chemicals, plastic or anything synthetic. Basically it means that when you buy a natural product, you should get what you expect. You won’t get any unwanted surprises, such as chemicals or artificial ingredients. These products won’t contain any pollutants that can damage the environment.

Plant-based and vegan

Our brands use mostly plant-based materials to make their products. Chemicals and fragrances in skincare or clothing can cause skin irritation. Because of these plant-based materials, our products are gentle and soothing. So, they are perfect products to put on your skin. Plant-based materials make cosmetics moisturising and clothing breathable and comfortable.