Natural Skincare Routine according to your job

We know that you are busy and work lot, this is why you need to take 2 minutes to read this article. Once you will have done it, you will know what type of natural skincare routine suits your job. As the skin change regarding the environment, it is obvious that your working conditions do too. So you need to take your job into consideration when you choose your natural beauty care.

Natural Skincare Routine for long hours job

Long hours positions, such as teacher, are tiring. You potentially face two main issues: dark circles issues on your eyes and a stressed skin. Stress can cause a premature aging of your skin. The best option for you is a natural skincare routine that is both anti-aging and that prevents dark circles.You can find in our articles good anti aging home remedies like olive oil, aloe vera and jasmine essential oil. Regarding your tired eyes, you can find good home remedies for dark circles, such as almond oil, rose water and cucumber oil.

Natural Skincare Routine for stressful jobs

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If your position implies long hours and heavy responsibilities, if you are a manager for example, your skin might suffer from stress and exhaustion. Hence some acne and pimples issues that require purifying natural cosmetics and treatments. You should go for home remedies for clear skin such as aloe vera, jojoba oil or honey. To get more details, read our article about home remedies for clear skin

Natural Skincare Routine for weird shifts

If you need to do strange shifts because of your jobs, like nurses or barista, you risk to shorten or completely eliminates either the morning or the evening natural skincare routine. So you need to make sure that the one you follow is efficient. A short one, is better than nothing.

You should go for a facial cleanse mixed with a few drops of essential tea tree oil.  A very good moisturizer is more than necessary as well.

An olive oil mask is a basic, as explained in our lists of Anti aging home remedies.

You can also use coconut oil. It is full of collagen. Your skin naturally absorb it quickly without leaving a greasy feel. This oil is antibacterial and anti-aging too, which make is very efficient if you have a very busy lifestyle and no time to dedicate to your skincare routine.

Shea butter, rich in Vitamin A and E, and aloe vera are also great organic cosmetics.

Natural facial treatment for heat exposition jobs

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Professions like chefs can cause redness and hyperpigmentation. You need to adapt your skincare routine to this issue. Lemon, apple cider vinegar and turmeric can be easily added to your natural skin care routine to eliminates those imperfections. Learn more with our article about hyperpigmentation home remedy.

Natural beauty routines for outdoor jobs

Woman photographer outside

If you work outdoor, you need a good sun protection and additional moisturiser. Attitude Organic drove a quick research for you and selected the two best options regarding the sunscreen you need. To avoid chemicals as much as possible in your sunscreen, we suggest to use mineral sunscreen. Chemicals can cause irritation for sensitive skin and thus should be avoided. The traditional sunscreen work as follow: they absorb and transform the harmful rays. It does not sound like it is good for you, does it? In the opposite, mineral sunscreen  Mineral sunscreens blocks the rays. Containing minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, they reflect the sun off your skin.

You can use the beauty by earth sunscreen for your face and badger all natural sunscreen for your full body. Note that it is perfect for the beach as it is water resistant.

Now you know what natural skincare routine you should go for considering your profession. Take time to select the rest of the product you need to complete those natural remedies. Let us know it you cannot find yourself in the list!