Natural Feminine Deodorant Review

We heard so much debates about antiperspirants and deodorants that it totally freaked us out! Is deodorant toxic? Are there any good Natural Feminine Deodorant alternatives? Are we condemned to choose between stinking or suffering from cancer? It is very confusing so read this article to understand the situation slightly better! We also review a list of natural deodorants for you!

Is deodorant toxic?

Many people actually asked the question because the use of deodorants has been linked to some cancers. First thing to precise here, we are only referring to the products containing aluminium. Aluminium is the main and active ingredients of most deodorant and antiperspirants. It blocks the pores in order to avoid the sweating reaction.

People got worried because aluminium can indeed cause cancer and hormones disorder. However, research proved that you would need to eat loads of aluminium to suffer from those effects. The dose you get when you apply deodorant is way too low to get you in danger. That said, it is undeniable that there is a link between aluminium and cancer.

Besides, scientists suspected that aluminium leads to dementia. The research done so far did not confirm this theory but to be honest, the findings are not so clear. So our opinion on this matter is, let’s avoid Alzheimer as much as we can! They might have not proven it yet but they could succeed in 5 years.

As a conclusion, even we have not proven that aluminium deodorants are bad you, you should avoid them for 2 reasons. First do you want to risk it? Then, why would you go for chemicals when you can go for a top Natural Feminine Deodorant?

Our Natural Feminine Deodorant Review

Just like you, we don’t want to smell awful and we refuse to bother people with our body odour. Thus we tried a few products from one natural deodorant company after the other. We are not going to lie, it took long to find The Top natural deodorant!

Alum Stone deodorant

Alum Stone was the very first natural alternative we tried! We loved the idea that it is 100% natural. It is very simple, you buy the stone, you wet it and you use it as a traditional deodorant stick. The result disappointed our lovely tester from Attitude Organic. It unfortunately did not work at all. However, all bodies are different and you might want to try.

If you know wonder “where can I buy alum stone?” visit Amazon, you will find alum crystal there.

Sukin Natural Deodorant

This feminine deodorant spray is simple to use. Even though the brand is Australian and does not deliver internationally, you can find it in stores.

We tried it because Sukin is a famous brand and it sounded like a reliable option. Sukin natural deodorant is of course Aluminium Free. Made from Aloe Vera, Burdock and nettle Extracts it is excellent to soothe the skin after shaving. With Tangerine, Lavender, Citrus, Mandarin and Vanilla oils it is supposed to keep you fresh all day.

We have to admit, it smells divine! We loved applying it after the shower, we felt fresh and ready for the day. But unfortunately, straight arrived at work and without any particular physical activities, we got a bit smelly. It was not as bad as if we put nothing at all but we definitely did not feel very confident.

The natural deodorant spray from Salt of Earth

We did not know Salt of earth Brand and we tried it after discovering in our beauty centre. We chose the unscented deodorant for sensitive skins. It is made from 100% natural ingredients so it is aluminium, chlorohydrate, parabens, triclosan, alcohol and CFCs free. You should refer to our list of ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics hereIt is supposed to fight the bacteria that cause odors.

We loved that the ingredients list is short and that it received many awards. We applied it in the same conditions as the Sukin one and we got the same results. This was the second disappointment.  However, as you can see on their websites this product has a gold grade, so who knows? Maybe it will suit you!

The best natural deodorant for sensitive skin!

From far our heart goes to Elsa’s natural feminine deodorant! We chose the sensitive skin deodorant and we loved it! According to the brand website, it is a 4 in 1 stick. It deodorises, soothes, detoxifies and nourishes your armpits. Our skin absorbs its rich and safe composition that does not block the pores. The organic coconut oil fights the odour causing bacteria while the essential oils minimises the possible smell. The Arrowroot powder is in charge of reducing the wetness whereas the other deodorant sprays do not offer this option at all. Finally, the kaolin clay detoxifies the skin!

Our experience has been great! It smells so fresh. It is minty and makes you feel so clean in the mornings. We love the stick format even though it is probably only a personal preference. It looks more like a traditional deodorant. Old habits die hard 🙂

This Natural Feminine Deodorant kept us fresh all day! We encountered no bad smell at all even though it was a gym day. So without any doubt, we recommend it! Say bye to health risk and hi to Elsa’s Organic Food!