Myakka: Eco-Friendly Home Furniture

Deforestation is devastating many countries across the world. Unfortunately, building furniture year on year requires huge quantities of wood and contributes to that phenomena Do our houses worth such figures? We don’t think so! Therefore, it is important to ensure that your homes are as eco-friendly as possible. We count different ways to achieve that goal, among which, buying eco-friendly home furniture.

Why Eco-friendly Home Furniture?

Eco-friendly home furniture acts against deforestation and priorities recycling materials. We love that they cause no harm to the environment.
Great news, they also benefit your health because normal furniture contains many chemicals and can be harmful to your health. For instance, a common adhesive for wood products is formaldehyde. Scientist linked this substance to some forms of cancer, such as myeloid leukemia.
In the opposite, Eco-friendly wood comes from renewable resources so it does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment. After reading this, why would you not want to buy eco-friendly home furniture?

Myakka: Responsibly Sourced Home Furniture

Founded in 1999, Myakka aimed to provide their customers with high quality, affordable and fair-trade furniture that do not have an adverse effect on the environment.
The brand ensures that it pays their workers fairly and that it treats them right. It also sources their products from ethical organisations. Kiln-dried woods are a core product used to create beautiful, long life, eco-friendly home furniture.
Finally, Myakka only uses sustainable wood and is fully involved in the fair-trade environment. This is to ensure that their business is successful without negatively impacting their staff and the environment.

Responsibly Sourced

Myakka’s wood resources are sourced by governments from sustainable plantations across Asia.
As well as using government sourced, sustainable wood, the brand has created their own Sheesham Plantation Project. In 2014, Myakka launched a project, with the aim of replanting saplings. So far, the brand has replanted over 8,000 saplings.
As well as ensuring their eco-friendly home furniture is sustainable and eco-friendly by responsibly sourcing wood; the brand also ensures that they do not have a high contribution to their impact on CO2 emissions.


Myakka’s products are just as stunning as their values.
Here are a few of our favourite pieces. Visit their website to shop now.

Myakka: Eco-Friendly Home FurnitureMyakka: Eco-Friendly Home FurnitureMyakka: Eco-Friendly Home Furniture

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Written by Rebecca Jones