Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle: How to Make the Switch

An increasing number of people are becoming interested and aware of the multitude of benefits of following a minimalist vegan lifestyle and living a simple life. Not only does this help yourself, but being sustainable also has great effects on the environment you live in. If you are considering switching, keep on reading to find out more about our sustainable lifestyle tips to help you easily follow a minimalist vegan lifestyle. 

Why you want to follow a minimalist vegan lifestyle

In order to follow this lifestyle, you need to be passionate about it. It can seem daunting and difficult at first, however, once you transition, it is easy to follow a lifestyle you believe in. Writing down some reasons as to why you want to lead a minimalist vegan lifestyle can help you focus on your goals, and makes the alteration easier if it is something you love.

One way to increase your passion for the subject is to educate yourself. There are so many blogs and videos to help you learn about a minimalist vegan lifestyle and living a simple life.

Get rid of non – vegan items  

I would suggest donating these items to either friends, family or food shelters, to avoid throwing them away and producing preventable waste. 

Eliminating these animal products from your life will help you to focus on a purely minimalist vegan lifestyle. 

Eat simple vegan food

The easiest way to cook using a minimalist vegan approach is by being organised and sustainable. Some ways to do this include writing an organised shopping list, creating a weekly meal plan, making simple recipes and cooking in batch. 

In addition, to lead a minimalist vegan lifestyle, you should begin to try and shop locally. For example, buying produce from farmers markets, garden centres and local shops. In turn, this often reduces the amount of plastic packaging you purchase as they are usually sold singularly and unpackaged. Furthermore, this will also reduce the amount of carbon emissions and fossil fuels you contribute to the environment. This is because produce would have been locally grown and not flown in from other countries. 

It is always a great idea grow some of your own food, in your garden, or a local community garden. Even growing some herbs in your kitchen can begin to make a huge difference. Every little helps. 

Make sure to think outside of food

It is easy to forget that veganism does not only consist of food. Living a vegan lifestyle includes beauty products, cleaning supplies, fabrics, and much more.

Create a minimalist, sustainable wardrobe

As part of a minimalist vegan lifestyle, you must reduce the amount you own, including clothing items. A simple way to do this is by following project 333 by Courtney Carver. This is a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. Reducing the number of items in your wardrobe has been proven to reduce stress in your life.

As well as this, buying second hand, recycled, vegan and sustainable clothing items helps minimise your waste enormously. Have a look at our sustainable shopping ideas for sale to help kick start your sustainable wardrobe now. 

Don’t put too much pressure on minimalism

The most important thing to remember is to not put too much pressure on it. The reason you are transitioning into a minimalist vegan lifestyle is because you want to. You will not be perfect at first. It may take you a while to become minimalist, vegan or sustainable. However, these small sustainable lifestyle tips will be able to make a vast change. 

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Written by Olivia Rowe-Parr