Meet Jade for positive vibes!

Attitude Organic would like to introduce to Jade, the lovely blogger who created the Mantra Mumbling. We enjoyed a lot reading her posts about mediation, motivation and well-being so we asked her to share her knowledge with us. Read what she kindly agreed on sharing with you!

Sun’s out, motivation too!

The gloomy weather has finally passed, now the sun is out and we all have a more positive out look on life. So why not increase this positive feeling and motivation, into all aspects of your life?

Doing things which you enjoy can really increase your motivation and help to maintain your focus. If you  find you’re working a lot or studying all the time you need to break up the things you have to do with the things you want to do. Block out two hours at the weekend for what you enjoy or a day, your brain needs a break otherwise you’ll become over worked, stressed and unhappy. Bring the sunshine into your daily life not just physically but internally too.

1. Be in nature

Go for walks in nature, take your shoes off, grass in between your toes become grounded and one with the nature. There’s nothing more motivating than recharging your batteries.

2. Lets dance

There’s nothing better than letting loose in a dance, feeling the music and the beat.

This one is a great way to gain extra energy and you can do it on your own in your house or with others in a class. which ever you feel most comfortable with.

3. Water baby

If you love surfing, diving or just swimming there are fresh water swims in the UK which are advised for relaxation.  Become one with a lake or the sea and maybe even enjoy a new sport you haven’t tried before.

4. Active

Be active, go for a bike ride, a long walk, an early morning run. Fresh air and being active is a great mix, it will make you feel revitalised and it also helps you to get a great sleep.

5. Take a break

Go away for the weekend, somewhere you’ve not been before or book a summer holiday so you have something to look forward to. Plan what you want to do and what you want to see while you’re away. It’s great to have a trip to look forward to, taking a break from everyday life.

It’s natural to loose motivation when you can’t enjoy the weather or do the things you love to do more regularly. That’s why you need to make sure you make time for them, making time for yourself and the things you love is so important and it helps to keep your motivation up even when your not really feeling it.

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Much love x

We hope you are all pumped up because we are! Again, a big thank you to Jade for those vibes. If you now look for more tips to love yourself, you can read our interview with a yoga teacher. The Yogi health Coach shared with us her experience.