Meditation Retreat Top Picks

Sometimes we cannot find a reason to justify a holiday or break. The price or the time off work just doesn’t seem worth it. Well, if you are still thinking like this you definitely have not read our me time activities article. Once you have, we can get into why a meditation retreat is the perfect getaway for some me time!

What is a meditation retreat?

Meditation helps us to control our mind, thoughts and happiness. It teaches us how to keep calm and have a more peaceful and stress-free life. A retreat allows us to focus more on meditating by giving us better tools and a comfortable environment. On a retreat you can expect to learn how to meditate properly, strengthen your current method as well as meet people with different levels of experience. Below, we share three types of retreats you can expect to find.

Weekend meditation retreats

These are a good way to ease into meditation as a beginner. Spend two days learning the basics and techniques in a welcoming and relaxing environment. They’re also very convenient if you’re unable to take time off work. A weekend getaway will clear and relax your mind in time for the busy work week ahead. Here are a few weekend meditation retreats UK:

10-12th August – Yoga & Meditation Weekend, Suffolk (can meet and travel from the London Buddhist Centre). £210.

A retreat for those interested in both yoga and meditation. If you want to work on your mind and body in the beautiful countryside this is perfect for you. All levels of practise are encouraged and welcome.

21-23th September – Learn to Meditate retreat, York. Prices from £105.

This is a great option for beginners who want to learn more and improve their technique.

Ensuite rooms and shared dorms are available with meals included.

5-8th October (more dates available) – Meditation Retreat, Sussex. Prices from £534.

This is a longer and more luxurious option where you can stay in an Edwardian country house twin, double or four-man room. Expect a chance to take a dip in the outdoor pool, fresh, organic meals and of course, some meditation whilst on this retreat.

A silent meditation retreat

If you would rather take the break away from the noise and bustle to have a quiet environment to focus on your meditation, this is a great option. These retreats can last up to a week and are better suited to more experienced practitioners of meditation. It is a time of intense meditation and self reflection in a silent environment. A few top picks of ours include:

4th August – Silent Meditation Retreat (10-4pm) Linford, Hampshire.

A beautiful garden and house where you can meditate and relax. The schedule is 20 mins meditation then 20 mins break and a 1 hour break for lunch. You will learn different types of meditation and aspects of mindfulness. 12 months of meditation practise needed to be able attend.

21st July (other dates available) – Oxford Insight Meditation Retreat (9-5pm) Oxford.

This is suitable for beginners and those who are more experienced. The day will include sitting and walking meditation in a silent atmosphere as well as a dharma talk.

28th Sept-3rd Oct – Insight Meditation and Qigong (5 nights) Devon.

An intensive silent meditation retreat suitable for all levels of health and experience. You will learn about the movement of Qigong along with Insight Meditation in a silent environment. The retreat is led by two experienced practitioners and can be extended if you wish.

Lastly, one you probably weren’t expecting…

Free meditation retreats UK

Free meditation retreats UK

Yes, they exist. However they do ask for a donation, understandably. These retreats give those who are less able to afford a retreat, the chance to experience one. With professional practitioners of meditation leading, you will gain lots of knowledge and tips.

Freely Given Retreats has lots of great options to choose from including:

4-14th Sept A Wide and Wonderful Path (10 days) Brimpts Farm, Dartmoor.

This retreat is mostly silent but talks and opportunities to meet in groups will arise. It is suitable for all levels of experience. The main aim is to soothe the body and calm the mind through meditation and better understanding.

Live in a Meditation Centre England in Northampton gives you the option to volunteer! How cool?

Choose a time period suitable for you, work 35 hours a week and get three vegetarian meals a day. You can attend meditation classes for free while volunteering in the kitchen, garden, office or household.

We hope one of our selected meditation retreats is suitable, and enjoyable, for you. Don’t feel intimidated by others’ experience whilst there, remember it is meant for your own independent meditation and mindfulness. If you’re interested in finding out more, our meditation chakra guide can help you to improve your technique and knowledge of your body’s chakras!