How to make your home healthier?

Possibilities to make your place healthier and greener are endless, just to let you know, WELL-certified homes are being built in New York and London. They are featuring vitamin C-infused showers, crazy right? But let’s face it, you probably cannot afford it right now right now. But do not worry, you will find in this article 5 simple ideas to start with ecodecor and to make yourself a green home and a more sustainable house

Look for adapted ecodecor


Avoid carpets

No carpet in an healthy home! Replace them with natural rugs made from 100% natural wool.


Plants for Ecodecor

You can also add lots of plants, they have magical powers if you wish to make your home healthier. They adsorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and remove toxic chemicals from the air. As an example, plants absorb paint fumes and other toxins that you could find in your home. Some species absorb more than others. The more detoxifying are Rubber Plants, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Florist’s Chrysanthemum and the Spider plant. This last one would survive any black thumbs as they are super resistant.

Opt for organic fabric

Organic Fabric for Ecodecor

Go for organic cotton towel and bedding. You have allergies, it is one more reason to buy organic bedding. Non-organic one potentially contains residual chemicals from the production that could cause allergies, while Organic fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

Find other ecodecor ideas now!

Use environmentally friendly products

Avoid room sprays and chemical cleaners. Do you want them in your food? Go for environmentally friendly products to clean the house.  You can even make them yourself. Dissolve 4 tablespoons baking soda in 1 liter warm water and you will obtain a very efficient all-purpose cleaner. 

Be trendy

Minimal Home Decor

Go for a minimalist deco

Not only it very trendy: less is more (you know) but its will also make your life so much easier when you will clean the house for an healthy home.

Go the Japanese way

No shoes inside, they bring a lot of dirt and bacteria. 

You now know the healthy house basics and you are on your way to a green home and a more sustainable house.