At Attitude Organic we are not supporters of fast fashion. We believe in quality over quantity. So, we value like-minded brands that offer made-to-order products.

What is a made-to-order product?

Made-to-order, means that a brand custom makes its product specifically for you. It only makes the product once you place an order for it. This way the brand is able to make the product exactly the way you want. You can sometimes request alterations to the item, if you would like to make changes to it. 

These products are custom-made, so they are one-of-a-kind. 

How are our products made-to-order?

All of the slogan t-shirts we offer are printed on demand. This means, they are only printed after you make a purchase. 

All of the items we classify as made-to-order are:

High-quality and hand-made

These t-shirts are not machine-made in bulk. So, you aren’t buying an overproduced item. A person hand-creates each of these items individually. This means that you are buying something high-quality and long-lasting.

Eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Unlike fast fashion lines, our brands that offer made-to-order items don’t make them by the dozens. They don’t make their items before you buy them. Buying made-to-oder-items helps the environment, because you are supporting brands that don’t create excess products that will just end up as waste. 


These t-shirts are all 100 percent organic cotton.