Alert: the Lovelula natural beauty box!

October is well started and might seem long and boring for some of you. Days are getting shorter and we get colder. A good solution to boost your mood every month could be a natural beauty box. At least it worked for us!

Why should you go for a natural beauty box?


You already know the concept of the beauty box, right? Every month, you receive a box with new cosmetics at your door. Those kind of monthly boxes can be terrible for both your skin and the environment: aggressive skin care and small packaging produced by millions.

The Lovelula Beauty Box is a great compromise and will satisfy your monthly surprise desire while being sustainable. This natural beauty box allows you to discover every month a few natural cosmetics. The brand puts effort in finding natural makeup and organic cosmetics brands, so you can discover and try them in a cost-effective manner. Each box contains 5 vegan, cruelty free or organic products that are good for you and for the environment. 

Natural boxes are perfect if you want to try new natural beauty products. It makes them way cheaper than buying them one by one in a store. Besides,  the value of the box is higher than the money you spend for it. Let’s not mention that the longer you subscribe, the cheaper it is, too tempting!

The October natural beauty box

We received our first box this month and we have to admit that the Lovelula Beauty box holds its promises. Read below to see what was inside:

  • A Greenfrog Bodywash: with aloe vera, geranium and peppermint oil, this natural body wash is full of antioxidant and keep your skin moisturized.
  • PHB eyeshadow and and eye shadow brush: this mineral eye shadow naturally emphasis your eyes.
  • OOH! Oils of heaven: the Tamanu oil, rich in omega 6 and 9 is an incredible natural skin moisturizer, easily absorbed without clogging pores.
  • A BALM BALM Frankincense Hydrosol: this natural soothing mist produced with Frankincense essential oil keeps your skin healthy and youthful.

In love with this natural makeup?

That is not a problem! Lovelula thought about everything and includes a 20% off coupon inside your box. Thus you can get more of your new favorite natural cosmetics. Combine those beauty products to our natural beauty tips and you will be stunning!