Lazy Luna

Lazy Luna is a line of ethically made bags and purses. All of the designs used are bold and fun. There are black and white bag options and options with bright pops of colour. They are both stylish and sturdy. The bags are hand-woven on a tradition loom. Some bags are created using a traditional textile technique with wooden carved blocks. This gives the print a nice textured finish.


Sara Collins created Lazy Luna. For six years, Sara has been working with fair trade artisans around the world. From that experience, she realised her passion for design and textiles. She then decided to create her own ethical fashion line. In 2018 she took all her savings and went to Kolkata in India to work with a fair trade organisation. In October 2018 they launched the Lazy Luna collection.


  • Vegan 

No animal materials are used in any of these bags.

  • Cruelty-free 

This brand does not test on animals.

  • Fair Trade

These bags are made in accordance with the World Fair Trade Organisation, making them fair trade certified. This ensures good and a good environment for the workers.

  • Organic

Lazy Luna makes its bags and purses entirely out of organic cotton.

  • Eco-friendly

This line is eco-friendly, because they use organic cotton, a plant-based material. It also uses eco-friendly plant-based material for its packaging.

  • Sustainable

Lazy Luna is sustainable, because it uses recycled cotton. Its packaging is also sustainable. Unlike plastic packaging, Lazy Luna’s plant-based packaging won’t pollute the environment and create more waste.

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