The lavender oil uses

Did you know that the lavender oil uses have been known for centuries? The Egyptians and the Romans were already aware of its antioxidant, antimicrobial, calming and anti depressive properties. Today, people keep enjoying the lavender oil benefits that are natural and efficient. This essential oil is good for almost everything so we advise to take it wherever you go! Read this article to know how to use lavender essential oil and to shop it now!

Lavender oil benefits for skin

The lavender oil uses for the skin are impressive. Ladies, whether you want to treat your acne or the first signs of skin ageing, it works! If you are concerned about skin ageing, add 1 drop of oil in your usual toner, face wash or cream to reduce dark spots and inflammation.

Lavender also fights the bacteria that causes acne, regulates sebum production and the scarring effect caused by breakouts. It has excellent results if acne causes you troubles. 

If your skin is sensitive and prone to eczema, lavender is also a great help. Dilute a few drops to some carrier oil (such as coconut) and apply locally. You can even use this preparation on your lips to keep them hydrated.

You are amazed by all those benefits, aren’t you? Well it is not all. 1 drop of pure lavender essential oil on a mosquito bite reduces the swelling and the itch. 2 or 3 drops on a minor burn reduces the pain and the swelling. How good is that?  

How to use lavender oil on your hair?

The lavender oil benefits will also make your hair beautiful and healthy. Place 2 or 3 drops of oil on your hair brush every morning to fight dandruff, prevents hair loss and boost the growth.  

The lavender oil uses for the mood

Scientist and History proved that lavender can treat neurological issues. On one hand, if you are stressed, it is calming and helps to sleep. Just put 2 or 3 drops of oil in your hands and inhale it. If the smell is too strong, you may rub it on your wrists.

On the other hand, if your issue is more serious, if you suffer from depression or anxiety for example, diffusion is a better option. The lavender oil benefits are more efficient if it is diffused for a longer period.

Lavender oil uses for health

Lavender oil can be used for minor body troubles such as nausea, migraine and period pain. To stop your nausea, you can rub 1 drop behind your ears. For period pain, rub on your lower abdomen and for migraine on your temples. If you look for additional information on this matter, refer to our Natural remedies to fight migraine.

Moreover, lavender essential oil could potentially treat more serious diseases. Scientists drive research about how lavender could help the body to stimulate the production of antioxidants. This would mean that lavender prevents and reverses diseases and that you can use it to fight your colds.

Some specialist also aim to prove that lavender fights diabetes. There is no strong conclusion yet but a few promising signs that lavender protects the body from diabete symptoms. For example, it avoids weight gain, it prevents liver and kidney dysfunction and it keeps blood glucose under control.

What else?

We hope you are convinced and we are pretty sure that every one of you is concerned by at least one of the issues quoted above. You will also be surprised to learn that lavender can be used to make your home clean and healthy, read our article clean green to learn more about it.

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