Laidbare Natural Cream: our favourite moisturiser!

Attitude Organic spent a long time trying to find THE NATURAL CREAM that fills 3 main functions in one application: Moisturising + Being anti ageing + Avoiding pores clogging. If you have a very sensitive and demanding skin that needs an intense hydration without being too rich and that you start worrying about your first wrinkles, this cream is for you. We name: the working 9 to 5 anti-ageing cream from Laidbare! Read below to discover our review!

Laidbare, naturally inspired beauty

Attitude Organic tried Laidbare and have loved it since then. We are fund of their concept, offering natural and affordable beauty products.

Sarah, the funder started the natural brand in 2006 by researching all the possible natural alternatives to the chemicals used by the common big names of the industry. This how Laidbare was born!

The brand now aims to offer to its customers efficient cosmetics that are truly natural and that repair the damages caused by the use of chemicals. It restores an healthy and clear skin, even for the most sensitive epidermis.

The working 9 to 5 anti-ageing natural cream

Laidbare Anti-ageing natural cream

This natural cream accomplishes 3 main missions that all ladies with a sensitive skin prone to clogging look for.

An anti-ageing natural cream

This natural cream contains: Iceland Moss  that fights against the time; Gotu Kola which stimulates the collagen production and Cassis Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide (natural version of the famous Hyaluronic Acid) in charge of helping your skin to look younger.

The perfect moisturising natural cream

The 9 to 5 cream is the perfect moisturizer and can be used both in the morning and at night. Including rosewater extract that calms and softens the skin, this gel texture moisturiser is ideal for combination skins and for ladies who live in hot and humid weather (Lucky them 😉 ). Indeed straight after the application, the skin is smoothed and hydrated all day (and night) long with no bad shiny effect. You can even skip the mattifying powder step if makeup is not your thing.

Say bye to blocked pores

One of the most difficult state to achieve four all the beauty addicts is the perfect balance between hydrated and clear skin. The Laidbare cream does! It does moisture without clogging the pores thanks to its magical texture. More like a gel than a cream, it allows your skin to breath. Just replace your usual cream, maintain your cleansing habits and you should see results in about 3 weeks.

Why do we love this natural cream?

Attitude Organic fell for Laidbare 9 to 5 cream because it is natural, efficient, 3 in 1 and of course affordable! We advise you to apply it twice a day during your natural beauty routine, your skin will thank you!

The only thing to be aware of is that it feels a bit sticky for couple of minutes after the application. Don’t panic it is due to the gel texture of the product and it disappears shortly.

We hope we convinced you to give it a try and that you will appreciate it as much as we do. You can shop it here. You can also complete your beauty routine with our number 1 natural eye makeup!

If you look for natural ingredients for homemade moisturiser you can find our essential oils in our natural store.

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Let’s shift to natural beauty together!


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