July Ethical & Natural Shopping

Today, Marine the founder of Attitude Organic would like to share her July natural and ethical shopping with you. She is not only delivering advise to you from her laptop, she is also going through her journey towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

July was a lovely month! I had the chance to travel to Borneo, to Gili Islands in Indonesia and to Kuala Lumpur where I found a lovely ethical and handmade little bag. I also got back to my old organic skincare favourites: Antipodes! Keep reading to see my review.

My new handmade bag

Handmade Bag

I am sure you all faced that situation once, you backpack, after a 10 hours trip you open your bag and you realised that your body oil bottle leaked… This what happened to me in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, my toiletry bag was in plastic which made it a nightmare to clean.

Besides, trying to go plastic free, I decided that it was enough. I bought it in 2013 so I did not feel too guilty about the idea of replacing it.

During that same trip, I stopped by a market where I met this lovely lady, sewing little bags just in front of me. They were rich in colours and I loved the patterns so I took it as a sign. I bought this little bag in green and gold which I found adorable. Before leaving my new bag to me, this woman smiled and thanked me for the support.

I then realised that it is the reason why supporting business is so important. Of course there is the obvious reason that it is more eco-friendly as you don’t import anything from abroad, but even better, you make a person happy.

So ladies, the moral of the story is that shopping local and supporting local businesses also means that you make your purchase personal. It comes with a little story that you will remember when you use your new item.

Antipodes because I love classics!

I started using Antipodes in London. Their day cream was a dream because it smells divine and was rich enough to keep my super dry and sensitive skin moisturised in winter. Now based in Asia, this cream is way to heavy and I can’t wear it anymore so I had forgotten a bit about the brand.

But last week, I realised that I needed new skincare and that I needed it fast. While browsing, I remembered about the brand and I realised that it is sold in Malaysia! I needed a serum for the day and a new toner. I found both on this local website and I loved them so I wanted to share my review with you.

The resurrect clarifying toner, my new essential

Antipodes Toner Review

This toner is made to refresh the skin, to moisturise it, to balance it and to reduce the pores appearance. I thought it would be empty promises and that it might not work on my skin but I was wrong.

My skin is very fussy because it is very sensitive, dehydrated with blocked pores due to the heat and a bit of acne (that reappeared when I stopped the pill). Thus it is really hard to find toners that balance and moisturise my skin at the same time. This one does and even more.

My pores are also less visible which is such a victory for me. Besides, after cleansing my face, my skin always feels uncomfortable. That toner instantly corrects that so I can use a less heavy cream on top and avoid my pores to be blocked.

Finally, the smell is amazing, it is exactly the same one than in the cream I loved so much. I highly recommend it. It is certified organic in New Zealand so I trust it and I think you can too.

The worship serum, brand new to me!

Antipodes Serum Review

I just started using serum a month ago so it’s still new to me. My first one is a brightening serum for night use and I noticed an improvement since I use it. I have less blocked pores and it reduces the blemishes.

Considering the good impact it has, I decided to add one to my morning natural beauty routine. Browsing Antipodes range, I spotted the perfect product to complete my daily skincare. The Worship Serum!

I basically have some fine lines which I don’t mind cause I am ok with my expressions showing on my face but I want to make sure that my skin will look young as long as it can. Like everyone else, I love a fresh look.

My problem is that as I live in the heat and that my skin is black head prone so I avoid all types of heavy anti-ageing creams that could congest my pores. And guess what, there is not much left. I used for a while the Laidbare Cream that I loved but my skin must have changed somewhere on the way and it started making it too shiny. As a result, I had given up on the anti ageing cream for while.

So when I saw this anti-ageing serum, I thought it was perfect. Full of antioxidant, grape seeds, water and without any chemical residue, it is magic for me. It is so light that it feels like I am wearing nothing. My skin also looks so fresh and youthful straight after I apply it. My skin does not even shine when I apply my gel on top! I can’t wait to have used it a bit longer to notice its positive impact!

We hoped you liked this shopping list and product review. Comment to give us our opinion so we know if we should keep posting 🙂 You can also read our latest product review about natural deodorant!