Interview with the Vegan Closet about Vegan Fashion

Attitude Organic has been very lucky to exchange ideas about vegan fashion with the woman behind the Vegan closet: Elena! Read more about The Vegan Closet in the below interview!

About the Vegan Closet

The vegan closet

T-Shirt by Armed Angels, Blazer is second hand, Watch by Hurtiglane (vegan watch label from Spain), Jeans by H&M Conscious, Boots by Free People and Clutch by Matt&Nat.

This vegan online editor from Germany works full time in Cologne and enjoys “walks through cities, coffee and dogs of all kinds” in her free time. And of course, she produces amazing content to promote Vegan and Cruelty Fashion.

It has been a great pleasure to realise that Elena and us share the same values and missions. We both want to promote Cruelty Free Fashion (or even sustainable fashion in general) and we truly believe that to make it work people should not be too hard to themselves.

The Vegan Closet Interview

About her decision to go for vegan fashion

Attitude Organic: “When and why did you decide you go for cruelty free fashion?”

Elena (The Vegan Closet): “I was vegetarian since I was 12 years old and realized that loving animals meant to go vegan all the way. I went vegan 4 years ago and while I was still wearing leather and wool as a vegetarian, I stopped buying non-vegan clothes the same time I decided to go on a fully plantbased diet.”

Attitude Organic: “Is it difficult for you to always respect your cruelty free / vegan values?”

Elena: “It’s not difficult for me to stick to my principles on being vegan. But society makes it hard. I don’t miss wearing leather or eating meat, but when you are out with a group of people you always never get them to go into a vegan restaurant. But luckily, the culinary range has broadened which makes it easier to find vegan food everywhere. It’s more difficult with clothes: I still sometimes shop at regular clothing stores and almost all the items I like contain wool or leather. But it’s still not hard for me to restrain from buying them, since I know how badly animals are treated and also how inhumane the terms of the production are for the workers in sweatshops or leather factories.”

About her favourite vegan fashion brands

The vegan closet Close-up

Attitude Organic: “What is your favourite brand?”

Elena: “My favorite vegan fashion brands are Matt&Nat and Stella McCartney plus I also like the sustainable pieces by Armed Angels, which has its roots in Cologne. I however still like to buy some clothes from bigger, not all vegan brands (for example pieces of the conscious collection by H&M) since I think it helps make a change too, if those big brands see that their customer want their fairly produced items more than the other ones.”

About her crueltyfree fashion look

Attitude Organic: “What is your favourite look?”

Elena: “I love the simple, French or Scandinavian Style. My favorite look would be a striped tee or sweater, jeans and some statement sneakers or loafers. My closet is 80 percent basics paired with a few exciting pieces which I wear to special occasions.”

Her shopping process

Attitude Organic: “What are the 3 main questions you ask yourself before purchasing a new piece of cloth?”

Elena: “1. The first thing I do is to look at the label and check all the materials. Does it contain wool, leather, fur or any other animal ingredient?

2. The next step would be to ask whether I really need this piece or not. I think sustainability also has to do with the amount of clothes we buy. If I can honestly say that I can’t live without it, I’ll buy it.

3. The third question is the number of combinations. I like to be able to mix and match all the pieces of my wardrobe. So if it fits to most clothes I own, I’ll buy it. If not, I return to question number 2.”

Her advice

Attitude Organic: “What is the best advice you can give to the fashionista who want to convert to vegan fashion?”

Elena: “There’s more vegan it-pieces than you think: Just browse around and you’ll find many cool, inventive brands which offer crueltyfree products. And be kind to yourself: You don’t have to throw out all your non-vegan products at once. Start selling leather or wool products you don’t like as much and treat yourself with some new cool pieces in return. If you own a beloved leather bag you got for a special occasion: Keep it! Sustainability is also about wearing things you like long and often.”

We hope that Elena’s experience inspire you, that she gave you the advice you are missing to start your journey toward a more sustainable fashion or that she comforted you idea in your lifestyle. Whether you agree with us or not, please share your opinion.

Do not forget to take a look at her website, her amazing Instagram Profile and at her Facebook. Her log is coming soon so stay tuned!

You can refer to our sustainable fashion brand list if you wish to start with Vegan Fashion now!

Let’s be trendy and more sustainable together!


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