Interview with The Fancy Vegan Life

Attitude Organic had the great pleasure to interview Maike from The Fancy Vegan Life. This lovely German blogger shares with us the daily rewards and difficulties she encounters as a vegan. If you are or consider turning vegan, she will comfort you in choosing this lifestyle!

About her choice to turn vegan

Attitude Organic: “When and why did you turn vegan?”

Maike (The Vegan Fancy Life): “I’ve been vegan for about 5 years. I never really liked meat, especially red meat. The crucial point was my volunteer job at ProVeg Germany, where I got more and more into the vegan community. After a while I realized that there are a whole lot of reasons why people going vegan. All of them made sense to me, but the key reasons were the awful conditions in the animals in the mass animal husbandry, and second how it influences our climate. Nowadays I wouldn’t eat animals, even when the conditions for them would turn better. My soul is healthier when not eating friends, what animals actually are for me.”

Benefits & Difficulties

Attitude Organic: “What is the most challenging part of being vegan?”

Maike (The Vegan Fancy Life): “Not eating cheese and fish is sometimes a really tough challenge for me, because I used to eat it almost every day when I was an omnivore. Fortunately, there are lots of good replacement products.

Another relevant topic is to eat vegan when traveling. Especially in the countryside or in some forms of transport it’s quite difficult to get vegan food (if you want to eat something else as potato chips). So I a am often challenged to make a good meal prep.”

Attitude Organic: “What is your favorite part of being vegan?”

Maike (The Vegan Fancy Life): “Being vegan makes me feel alive. I have more energy in my everyday life, feeling more motivated to getting things done. It also makes me happy to know that I’m not supporting a sick system like the mass animal husbandry and not hurting or killing animals for my lifestyle.”

About her diet

Attitude Organic: “What is your favorite restaurant?”

Maike (The Vegan Fancy Life):  “It’s not easy to have that ONE favourite vegan restaurant when you live in Berlin. There are just so many good places where you can eat as a vegan. But if I must decide for one I would choose ‘KOPPS Restaurant’. A really nice vegan café that is located very central and offers delicious vegan cakes is ‘Café

Attitude Organic: “Do you like cooking? If yes, what is your favorite recipe?”

Maike (The Vegan Fancy Life): “I’m absolutely passionated with it. I try to cook at least once per day, with fresh vegetables, brown rice, wholegrain pasta, etc. My favourite recipe is a homemade hummus – could really eat it 24/7, and I love every kind of hearty bowl.”

Her fav’ Vegan Brands

Attitude Organic: “Do you have a favorite vegan makeup brand?”

Maike (The Vegan Fancy Life): “Inika, Kia Charlotta, vegan products from SANTE”

Attitude Organic: “What is your favorite Vegan Fashion Brand?”

Maike (The Vegan Fancy Life): “People Tree, Nine to Five, The Lovely Things UK”

How she faces critical people

Attitude Organic: “What would be the best answer to give to all people criticizing your diet and lifestyle choice?”

Maike (The Vegan Fancy Life): “Everyone is free to decide what kind of life he or she wants to live, right? I know that other people probably wouldn’t be happy with my lifestyle, so I wouldn’t ever try to convince them of my mindset. Nevertheless, it’s interesting for me to listen to people’s opinions about the vegan lifestyle – the reasons why they criticizing can be so different. In general, asking is better than criticizing (and much more polite).”

A big thank you to Maike for sharing about her vegan lifestyle. If you like her interview, have a look to her blog and discover more about her daily choices! You can also have a look at our interview with The Vegan Closet for more real life experiences.