How To Walk Into Your More Sustainable Self?

I was watching a beautiful story from my dear friend Gemma the other day and it was such a breakthrough. She was explaining how we can match the vibe of the universe to manifest our higher self. I have been practicing visualisation for over a year now and I found it extremely helpful and motivating. My own vision of my higher self is vivid. I am in beautiful office with wood floor, white walls, big windows and a beautiful morning light. Oh and plants of course!

I am with my team, a couple of young women I manage, teach, and support every day. We are almost a family, my goal is to empower them, lead them, help them grow. Of course, I am also more eco-friendly than ever. I went to the office biking, my white outfit is from an ethical brand and my makeup is 100% mineral, vegan; cruelty-free and comes in refillable.

But still, I had not step into her. I see her, I can feel how she feels, she puts a smile on my face time during my morning routines, but she still seemed inaccessible. The best version of myself, that eco warrior and badass business owner was out of my reach. But Gemma brought the pieces together for me. She suggested that we have dinner with our higher self and act as if we were her. What would she eat? What would she wear? What would she drink? Use your 5 senses to visualise it and then just do it.

That was it, that was the bound between my vison and myself. I decided that I would give it go. However, I would not do it over a meal at night, but I would try it out one whole day at work. Aka from my kitchen table. I will be the boss I wanted to be, I will be that eco-friendly and optimist militant. I will influence, motivate, and encourage people by sharing love and light.

And I would like to challenge you to do the same. I know you want to be more sustainable, that is why we are here together. I have no doubt. So how about you visualise how you will be once you reached all your ethical and eco goals? What will your life be like? See it, feel it, embrace it. Once you have that very clear vision, I would like you to live one day by her. So for example, if you higher self-take the bus instead of driving car, please leave your car home for a day. Challenge yourself for only 24 hours, I promise, the world is not going to fall apart.

If you need ideas to challenge yourself, you may refer to: What can I do about Climate Change? ; 10 Tips to a Sustainable Wardrobe or Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle: How to Make the Switch

Once that day is over, keep five minutes to yourself to think about it. How did the day go? How did it feel? What did you learn from it? How can you reuse that lesson to improve your sustainable journey?

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