How To Plan An Eco-friendly Honeymoon?

Planning a honeymoon with sustainability as a top priority can limit some of the travel options available to you, but that doesn’t mean to say your honeymoon has to be any less special. In fact, taking extra time to make your honeymoon environmentally-conscious could make the trip all the more unique and enjoyable. Here are five tips for planning an eco-friendly honeymoon to remember.

Ask For Honeymoon Funds Instead Of Wedding Gifts

While it’s possible to build a wedding registry with eco-friendly gifts, many couples find that they have no need for a wedding registry at all if they already live together. This doesn’t stop guests from wanting to give a gift of some kind, which can lead to couples receiving unwanted items or feeling pressured to add products to a registry that they could live without. Every product manufactured and shipped utilises precious resources and creates carbon emissions. By asking for monetary gifts towards your honeymoon instead, you can reduce your environmental impact and have a fantastic trip to look forward to.

Keep Your Honeymoon Close To The Wedding Venue

If you plan to take your honeymoon straight after the wedding, choose a destination that’s close to your wedding venue. This is a great way to cut down on unnecessary travel. If your wedding venue is a destination hotel or resort, consider spending your honeymoon there so that you can avoid having to travel any further at all after the big day.

Choose Eco-friendly Travel As Much As Possible

Air travel is the least environmentally-friendly method of travelling, followed by car travel. Cycling and walking are the best methods because they produce zero carbon emissions, but it can be tricky to reach a far-flung destination on foot or bike. Buses and trains offer a happy medium because they can carry a large number of passengers with relatively low energy usage and carbon emissions on a per-person basis. Once you arrive at your destination, try to travel around the local area on foot or bike as much as possible to cut down on your environmental impact. Alternatively, organise group travel, so that only the necessary number of vehicles are used.

Book Sustainable Accommodation For Your Eco-friendly Honeymoon

Sustainability in tourism is becoming an important talking point and eco-friendly resorts are growing in popularity as a result. Sustainable hotels and resorts use energy-efficient technology, produce their own renewable energy where possible, and try to minimise their water use. They also strive to respect and protect the environment and wildlife in their area, use local produce, and overall keep their carbon emissions to a minimum. 

Sustainable accommodation tends to be less luxurious than typical hotels and resorts, but for eco-friendly couples this is an easy sacrifice to make for the sake of making their honeymoon as sustainable as possible.

 Plan Eco-friendly Activities

When planning activities for your honeymoon, look for those that don’t produce carbon emissions. For example, instead of hiring jet skis during a day at the beach, hire surfboards instead. Plan a hike to a nearby destination instead of driving or taking a taxi there. You could also consider volunteering with local environmental charities or animal sanctuaries. This is a memorable way to explore a local area while doing your bit to protect it.

Celebrate Your Love While Loving Your Planet

No matter where your eco-friendly honeymoon takes you, it’s bound to feel extra special after taking a little extra care to protect the environment.

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