How to manifest a more sustainable you?

The other day, I did a manifestation meditation. I love this exercise because it makes me feel good. It gives me hope and I allows me to really think about what I want to happen to me, what I want my life to look like and my future to offer me.

What Is Manifestation?

Do you know how manifestation work? Or even what it is? Manifestation relies on the fact that we cocreate our reality with the universe. We can build the life we desire just by being clear on what we want and sharing it with universe. Let’s say that if I want Attitude Organic to grow, I only have to be crystal clear on that goal and be 100% sure that it will, feeling in my gut that it will happen and the universe will execute.

Then it is only a matter of having faith that life is happening for us and that we are worthy. Miracles are normal and we deserve to receive everything we ask for. Abundance is our normal state. Ask for what you want, feel like you already got it and you shall receive. Is it that easy though? Well no because we all have limiting beliefs. Aka the negative thought about ourselves like: “oh I can’t do this because I am not smart enough”; “I can’t find a partner because I am not pretty enough” or even “we are screwed with climate change because humans do not care enough”.

When you dedicate time and energy to those limiting beliefs, self-doubts, and dark thoughts, you vibrate negatively, and the universe match it by giving you more negative. So, your job is to get rid of those limiting beliefs, have faith, be confident and open your mind.

How To Manifest Your Higher Self?

Getting back to my meditation last night, an idea came to my mind while I was trying to relax. What if I could manifest my more sustainable life? I did visualise my higher self who is definitely more sustainable. I know where I want to go. That image is crystal clear in my mind so it does exist, I only have left to manifest it. So how I can do that?

Limiting beliefs are all around us and rooted deep down in our unconscious. I doubt my own abilities to be more ethical and more eco-friendly sometimes. For instance, before turning vegan, I repeated myself that I could never let go of cheese. Still today, I am vegan. How did that shift? One day, I only decided that I will be able to stop diaries. Maybe not at the moment, but I felt in my soul that I could. And by shifting my mindset, I removed that limiting belief.

Then, I started to wonder what other limiting beliefs I had. Could I manifest being so self-confident that I can bike wherever I go? Can I get rid of the limiting belief that I will never convince enough people to make such a big difference? That I will never be able to compost without generating methane?

Manifestation of a more sustainable you.

You might think I lost it! Not everyone believes in the power of the universe and manifestation, I know. But I also know that if you are here, you think bigger than you and you do have a spiritual part within yourself. Call it whatever feels right to you: religion, faith in science, faith in the universe or in yourself.

The idea is: train your mind to see a better world, train your spirit to see yourself more sustainable and work on removing all your doubts around it. You got this, you are good enough, you will be more sustainable and keeping faith in the fact that our future is going to be beautiful. Having those certitudes will make you more positive and you will be able to trust the process. It is a game changer!

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