How to make eyelashes grow naturally?

Every one of us must have dreamt of having naturally thick and long eyelashes without any help of falsies. We are blessed enough to be born with such great lashes without having to put so much effort. However, not everyone has the same experience! We may suffer with thinning eyelash due to certain health condition or probably just want to enhance our look. Nowadays, there are many beauty salons offer eyelash extension with artificial hair fibers. However, isn’t better if we just try to do the same thing naturally? Thus, how to make eyelashes grow naturally is the question!

 How to make eyelashes grow naturally?

  1. Proper Diet

To stimulate the lashes growth, watching your diet is a crucial thing. Eat more food which contains protein and vitamins. Food such as yoghurt and soy-based meal are great options to help promotes healthy hair growth!

  1. Brush your eyelashes

Brushing your eyelashes will help them grow. It also removes the dust that clogs pores and it stimulates hair follicles by enhancing the blood circulation around the eyelid area. Moreover, it helps to prevent any criss-crossing lashes.

For best result, brush it everyday diligently before you go to sleep with gentle eyelash brush for no longer than 5 minutes!

  1. Massage your eyelids

Like brushing, massaging your eyelid promotes blood circulation in the eyelid area. It carries nutrients to the hair follicle so it stimulates your lashes and prevents thinning and breakage. Moreover, it relaxes your eyelid. Massage daily for 5-7 minutes for a few months!

Natural Oil for eyelash growth

if those tips are not enough, you should consider a special Natural Oil for eyelash growth. Using natural lash oil will definitely help a lot! If you looked for How to make eyelashes grow naturally online, you heard of castor and rosehip oil. Indeed, they are the best ingredients to lengthen, thicken and hydrate your eyelashes naturally.

If you are looking for a natural and organic lash oil, we’ve got a great suggestion for you! Lash Oil by BOWE Organics is a special oil for your lashes to strengthen! You can use this oil while massaging your eyelid or use it to brush your lashes! With continuous usage, you will see a significant result! 100% natural, made from castor oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E!