How to cure a hangover naturally?

Happy New Year Ladies! At Attitude Organic, we are convinced that you spent a great time celebrating. But are you feeling hungover today? We know it can be hard to go through it. This is why we created this guide to help you to cure a hangover naturally. Read below if your headache allows you to 😉

How to cure a hangover with food?

The first thing you crave for when you wake up hungover is FOOD! No surprise here. However you usually tend to run to Mcdonald’s thinking that a fat meal will do the job. At Attitude Organic, we have other suggestions that will help you to feel better and will not hurt your healthy resolutions for 2018. Discover what to eat for a hangover.

What your body needs is proteins and fresh food, high in vitamins and nutrients. Your poor liver is having a hard time to detoxify your body so help it by eating some fruits. Have a smoothie or a soup, it is perfect. You can also go for eggs if it suits you better. They contain a high amount of cysteine that breaks down acetaldehyde (the substance causing the hangover).

How to cure a hangover with drinks?

coffee for hangover

Now that you know what to eat for a hangover, let’s review how to cure a hangover with drinks. First, as your body is dehydrated, you need to drink liters of water. It is obvious but worth reminding. Then, you should drink coffee. We know you love it! Caffeine helps concentration and focus making it ideal if you need to be productive on the first of January. Nevertheless, remember that coffee dehydrates your body, so drink a lot of water to keep a good balance.

The best activities to cure a hangover

exercice for hangover

There are two types of activities to feel better depending on your type of profile. On one hand, if you like moving a lot, exercise is key! We know it can be hard to find motivation, but exercise helps to recover quicker. It increases the circulation and brings oxygen to your brain.

On the other hand, if going out is too much to ask, start a good TV show. It will make you forget that you are not at your best. Put the TV on and get yourself good coco bowls.

Essential oils for hangover

If you still had doubts about the essential oils magic power, they are about to convince you. Essential oils for hangover are really effective and can be a massive help.

Juniper essential oil

Juniper essential oil detoxifies your body. It clears your mind while easing pain. So if you drank a lot, mix 3 drops of juniper in any carrier oil (olive ol for example) and rub the bottom of your feet with it.


Rosemary refreshes the mind and boosts concentration, while reducing migraines. It is perfect for hangovers.


Sandalwood is an anti-inflammatory and cools the body. It also relaxes the nervous system making it ideal to recover from a hangover.

If none of those oils convinced you, you might find one that suits your needs better in our essential oil guide.

The hangover rescue beauty kit

hangover beauty kit

Now that your are feeling better, it is time to settle your face ladies. If you actually have your first family lunch today, you need to look pretty. Here is an hangover rescue beauty kit. First, you need to moisturize your skin. So do an Aloe Vera mask. Apply Aloe vera gel on your face for 15 minutes and wash it off. Proceed to your usual natural beauty routine and finish by applying double moisturizer.

Then reduce the dark circle by following our home remedies for dark circles advice.

Finally, when you put makeup on, bring colour back to your face with a good blush. Tada you are ready!

2018 is yours, smash it! We hope that we will help you to be more sustainable and to reach your green and healthy goals xx