How To Coach Yourself Through Activist Crisis & Avoid Activist Burnout?  

As a change maker, it is vital that you protect yourself from Activist Burnout. Unfortunately, more and more depressing news appear On TV… Abortion bans and heat waves broke me into pieces. I recognized the emotions & sensations that I felt in 2020 when a policeman murdered George Floyd. That immense rage that turned into sadness and sucked life out of me. 

I am a lot more fortunate now than in 2020. I have the skills to coach myself through it. In that blog post, I share with you I proceed to coach myself (and my clients) through activist crises And Avoid Activist Burnout.

This method can be used for any crisis you are facing and will face in the future so read until the end!

Bitch Around Baby! 

Express your rage, sadness, despair… Spil that “negativity” out by sharing it with a safe community. Don’t stay alone in this. 

It’s Ok To Numb For A Little Bit…

We’re human beings. When a huge crisis hits, coaching ourselves is not the first thing we wanna do. There is always that time frame where we need to create a sense of safety for ourselves. Rest, relax, watch a show… 

Process Your Feelings To Avoid Activist Burnout  

When you’re ready, it’s time to process your feelings. Somatic work (breathwork in particular)  is wonderful to move all that negativity out of your body. I breathe a lot through all that awful news lately. Each night, I dedicate time to my practice, I cry, I shout, I release. 

Do The Mindset Work!

Once you’ve cleared the emotional and physical charges, you can bring your thoughts and beliefs to enquiry. What do you believe to be true about that “event” (abortion ban, heat waves…)? What are all those thoughts you have? Are they true? Are they 100%, without the shadow of a doubt, true?  Reframe your thoughts and beliefs if needed! 

Add More Joy Into Your Life To Avoid Activist Burnout 

What will make you feel better? What do you need? I needed a hot bath, many cold showers, runs and yoga! Read more about how you can add more joy into your life here.

Take Freaking Aligned Actions!

From that new strong, loving, clear mind and “healthy anger” what can you do to serve the world? What’s the smartest thing that you can do at your own level? Because I do know that you can make a difference! 

I hope this piece of content and coaching method will support you again and again. Get back to it each time you feel triggered. And if you need support at any stage of the healing process as a change maker, send me a DM on IG or join my coaching container for changemakers