HOPE: one of our favourite green fashion brands.

Today, let us introduce you to Hope: at the top of our list of green fashion brands. Also eco-friendly, trendy and affordable their collections are a must for the sustainable fashionista. Read below to learn more!

HOPE Made In The World: a green fashion brand


Hope Eco Fashion

HOPE is a sustainable fashion brand very original. It is not a one label, one designer thing. It is teamwork between artisans and designers all around the world that gather their ideas and their skills to design great styles for you.

Rejecting the idea of fast fashion, this label release one or two collections a year that can be worn all year long. This commitment make HOPE stands out of all the ethical clothing brands. As a result, the collections are small but made to last. Timeless design and great quality is always a good recipe for success. You will find on the website a selection of tops, jumpers, scarves and bags that looks so comfy that you are going to crave them for your daily activities.

How is HOPE green fashion?

Hope Sustainable Fashion Brands

HOPE is definitely an eco fashion brand which tries to reduce its footprint and to have a good impact on the world. At first, they select carefully their suppliers and make sure they are as sustainable as possible. For example, they work with Verde Fulfillment USA, the first eco friendly logistics center in the US.

They also use high quality fabric with low impacts on the environment, such as: organic certified cotton and biodegradable baby alpaca wool. The brand can easily be added to your daily sustainable outfit.

HOPE is also an ethical fashion brand

green fashion

Hope is not only green fashion, it also ethical. The label is certified Child Labor Free.

The pros of this ethical fashion label?

They give us a good reason to like winter. Honestly when we saw these scarves for the first time, we wanted to let down our little summer dress ASAP.

The cons

The garments are mostly knitted, which is not ideal in summer or if you are lucky enough to live in a warm or even hot country (we are so JAL). It may even seem a bit contradictory with their image of a nonseasonal brand.

So you now had learn a bit more about our favorite sustainable fashion brands and we hope you like HOPE as much as we do. If you want to discover even more ethical fashion brands, keep browsing Attitude Organic. We aim to make sure we highlight all the trendy fashion brands that will look great on you and be good for the environment! If you know a brand that we do not, please share with us, your opinion matters :)