Home remedies for dark circles

You are very tired lately and your dark circles make you look like a grumpy panda? It is time to say stop! At Attitude Organic, we do believe that the first step is to make sure that you get more than eight hours sleep every day, but maybe your schedule this week does not allow it. This is why you can find below three home remedies for dark circles.

Home remedies for dark circles in the bathroom

Rose water home remedies

Our favorite option is to buy pure and natural ingredients such as oils that you can use straight of the bottle.

Almond oil is very efficient to lighten dark circles. Apply it around your eyes, leave it overnight and wash it in the morning.

Rose water is a good compromise if you are not keen on using oils. This natural beauty product rejuvenates the skin, reduces dark circles and soothes tired eyes. Soak a cotton and place it on your eyes for 15 minutes twice a day.

Home remedies for dark circles in the kitchen

home remedies for dark circles cucumber

If you do not mind opening the fridge and washing up after your natural skin care routine, you can find home remedies for dark circles in your own kitchen.

Cucumber is value for money and a classic! This vegetable is skin lightening and a mild astringent. Cut couple of slices, let it cool for thirty minutes, place them on your eyes for 10 minutes and wash it off. Proceed twice a day for a week to see improvement.

We hope that these home remedies for dark circles will help you to look fresher during busy weeks, but do not forget to sleep when the rush will be over 🙂 If this period is also particularly stressful, you should probably check anti aging home remedies. They can help to prevent the stress for your skin. Go for a full natural skincare routine today!