Why you need a Healthy Food Delivery Box?

The Healthy Food Delivery Box has definitely elevated the healthy eating journey. Those boxes offer a quick and easy way to change your diet or stick to your existing one. As, there are quite a few out there so we’ve selected our favourites to share with you. But first, find out what they are and why you’re in need of one./span>

What is it?

Healthy food boxes are a way to make your life a whole lot easier! Each box contains healthy and nutritious meals and the company delivers it straight to your door. You can track your calorie intake by choosing specifics meals tailored to your needs if your aim is to loose weight. You can also order vegan / vegetarian boxes if you need an extra support and motivation to start your transition. Or it can simply help you to avoid the conservatives and chemicals that you would find in ready meals. Indeed, each box is ethical, doesn’t include additives or preservatives and can be vegan or vegetarian based.

Who is a healthy food delivery box best for?

The working woman

If you’re juggling work, a social life, studying, family life and more, the food box delivery is for you. It can be hard to keep up with your healthy food journey as a busy woman. We know that weekly shopping, meal plans, meal prep and cooking can be a hassle. So it’s time to take the step towards a more stress-free life!

If you’re looking for a quicker way to cook healthy meals, you should have a look at our Batch Cooking For Beginners article. It is impressive how much we can do in such a short time thanks to this method so it deserves a good read!

Trying a new diet

Have you always wanted to transition to a vegan diet? If you’ve been worried about staying healthy and energised as a vegan, a vegan food box delivery is the perfect option. Yes, they exist! You can now order delicious vegan meals ingredients and someone will deliver them to your door. They will be packed full of nutrients to keep you sustained throughout the day. Morevoer, the final step is simple and fun, follow the instructions and cook your healthy and vegan dinner! So stop procrastinating and turn vegan today!


Speaking of a vegan diet, existing vegans can enjoy the luxury of a vegan food box delivery too. Fresh products, recipes and full meals could all be delivered to you. From one pot recipe boxes to nutritious plant based meals, you can have it all! If you enjoy cooking you could subscribe to meal kits which include fresh ingredients and recipes you can try. If not, order a box of ready-made delicious vegan meals.


Do you want an entire box of organic fruit and vegetables? Yes, please! Having a weekly delivery of fresh fruit and veg without the hassle of inspecting them in the supermarket is amazing, right? Well those vegetarian boxes are ideal.

A vegetarian organic food box delivery can come in different varieties: from a box of fresh fruit and veg to smoothie recipe boxes and vegetarian meal kits. So, what are you waiting for?


Let’s face it, researching the healthiest food for your child and actually getting them to eat it can be hard. Why do this when it can all be done for you? Take the weight off your shoulders with a healthy food delivery box and let them do all the work. From choosing the most nutritious meal options, the right portion size and cooking; they’ve got it covered. The delivery box will ensure you and your kid are eating healthy and nutritious food that’s tasty too!

Occasional Lazy One!

We are not going to lie because it even happens to the best of us. Sometimes we are just way too lazy to cook or even to go out to get dinner so the easiest way is to order online. Unfortunately, most of the food options are well fat and unhealthy… This is why an Healthy Food Delivery Box is a revolution. You can know have an healthy and tasty meal when you don’t feel like moving from the couch! It can sound a bit contradictory but you know what we are talking about!

The future chef

If you want to learn how to cook but that you are not sure where to start or have just a little time to practice, food boxes can help. Some of them come with the ingredients and a guide to go through the recipe step by step. Choose what you feel like cooking, order, follow the recipe and enjoy the taste of your own work.

Where can I find the right food box delivery for me?

You’ve decided that you’re ready for some healthy food delivery. Now, how do you choose from all the companies out there? First, decide what exactly you want from the delivery. This could be full meals, recipes, fresh produce or even smoothies and juices. Then, browse our choices for a healthy food subscription box UK:

Balance Box

Balance Box is a great healthy weight loss option! They send you full meals with the option of a light (less calories) or market menu plan. Thus this food box is a great help if you want to keep a close eye on what you eat. That said, remember that we are not that much into diet and calorie counts. Besides, you will only receive free-range and ethical food and of course vegetarian options are available.Food Delivery Box


If you look for 100% vegan meals sent straight to you, this box is the one! You build it with 6 meals (gluten-free and nut-free options available) then select from the flexible delivery options. All their packaging is recyclable, making them even more eco-friendly and sustainable! It’s one of our favourite Healthy Food Delivery Box. Vegan Food Delivery Box


A variety of choices are available including meal kits, groceries and fruit and vegetable boxes to help you prepare your own meals at home. Their selection of delicious smoothie and juicing kits also makes their range very diverse. All ingredients are 100% organic and their one pot wonder recipes makes cooking a nutritious and healthy six portion meal a lot more fun. If you want to start cooking, it could be a nice, fun and easy way to get on track!Food Delivery Box UK


We love the Ratatouie box because they offer your 100% natural and organic food so it is suitable for babies, children and the whole family! Their convenient delivery options also include collection. Thus, full meals can be collected or delivered to your door on Fridays between 6-9pm. Finally, we love the variety. Vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free options are indeed available.

Fun Fact: Ratatouie sounds like ratatouille. A french traditional healthy meal made with onions, courgettes, aubergines and olive oil. Even the name of the brand is cute and 100% healthy.

We really hope you’ll choose a healthy food delivery box to help make your healthy eating journey a lot simpler. By the way, speaking of making your life easier, did you know that you could also subscribe to a monthly cruelty free beauty box ? They send you natural beauty products on a monthly basis so it is a bit like Christmas day once a month. We love them because they allow you to discover new brands and to try new products you never heard of. Go check our article because we are sure you will fall in love with one of them!