How to have healthy food at the office?

You want to eat healthy food? In principle it is easy but as a professional, busy and active woman, it is in fact not that simple. It is 8am, you are late for work, you skip breakfast and three hours later you are hungry. Do not rush to the corner shop to grab some crisp! Instead use your planning skills to have access to healthy meals and snacks at anytime. Here are a few tips.

Make sure you prepared a healthy lunch in advance


Cooking at home is key to guarantee healthy food (especially if you are an organic food addict). It allows you to know the origin of the ingredients and to control the amount of fat in your plate (sauces as an example). It potentially sounds like extra work and time, but if you cook a bit more at dinner, it is not. You can also start preparation on weekends and on Wednesdays. Cook big batches of meal, such as soup, stir fries and stews and you will just need a few minutes to complete it with fresh ingredients. If you consider that it is worthy to spare an extra 15-20 minutes a day to cook your lunch in the evening, you can find easy and delicious healthy recipes adapted to the office.

Take a lunch break


Forget about eating and working at the same time, you might think you gain time, but it is wrong! Even if you believe you are great at multi-tasking, you will not be productive with half of your sandwich in the hand that is supposed to hold your mouse. So take a break and take time to chew.You will fully enjoy you meal and will not crave for more once you are finished. Do not stand, do not allow any distractions, it is your moment, even if it is only 20 minutes.

How to have healthy food at the restaurant?


Having lunch in a restaurant is supposed to be a pleasure, do not ruin it and take it easy. If you are truly concerned, you have a few options. You could influence the choice of the restaurant, there are great healthy places and organic restaurants. Just take some time to google it.

If you fought without success and that you have been taken to a “normal restaurant” you can still deal with it. You can ask for more veggies and smaller portions. A salad is always a safe choice if you take the dressing on the side. You could also order fish, instead of meat. If you feel that the chef is cooperative, may be he will let you make some slight changes on the menu (like changing carbs for salad). Finally, drink WATER or tea without sugar. It is such an easy and efficient way to improve your meal quality.

Healthy snacks


Snacking is to be avoided, but it can be necessary if you are literally starving or if you are under pressure. You should then opt for snacks high in fiber and proteins: fruits, yogurt, boiled eggs or protein bars. Make sure you have a backup plan in the office fridge and proceed to a refill each mondays. Discover a delicious healthy granola bar recipe now, perfect for the office.